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Cruel honesty shreds letters from family members, Sincerão Night at BBB 24, with the group, leader and Angel accommodated in the outdoor area of ​​the house. Ráculo, Michel, Deniziane, Fernanda and Matteus participated.

Letters from family members of all participants were placed on a bench and each of the Sincerão participants would have to choose a letter to be destroyed. No one chosen had the right to respond during the live program. A very cruel little game.

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Raquel’s two choices

Alan: “I’m going to destroy Alane’s letter for the same reasons I gave her the target too. We don’t play together, we don’t have any affinity here. If this letter means I have to stay with someone here until the end, I want it to stay with someone who is by my side to give that person more strength”, he explained.



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Rodriguinho: “Now thinking from a more strategic side, Rodriguinho has already been Leader twice. Far be it from me to belittle how much he fought and achieved, but he is hurting me a lot. But I want to leave the opportunity for other people who haven’t seen the family yet,” he explained.

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Michel’s two choices

Bin Laden: “I chose him because he has made mistakes several times here at the house. He does not recognize the error. One day I tried to talk to him, he said ignorantly: ‘I don’t want to talk’. He didn’t look to find out what and he continues to release some things around the house, indirectly and he doesn’t have the courage to come directly to me to talk, as was the case yesterday,” he declared.


Bia: “She already voted for me once. There were other people who had already voted, but among them I will destroy Bia’s letter,” she stated.

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Deniziane’s two choices

Giovanna: “I wouldn’t destroy her letter, I would destroy Raquel’s because you were Leader, you saw the photo of your family and, then, of the options you had that are not my priorities, it’s Giovanna. And I’m going to include her because I don’t know much about her story either and I think it’s easier for me to decide now what’s going to hurt me and I don’t think it’s going to hurt as much for someone close to me”, he explained.

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Isabelle: “You are a very sweet girl, I didn’t want to do that here. It’s because of the priorities they have, they really didn’t work. I don’t know your story either. For me it will weigh a little less, but I admire you, but there is no way around this,” she explained.


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Fernanda’s two choices

Lucas: “It wasn’t the letter I wanted to destroy. The letter I wanted was already destroyed and he already saw his family, he already had an Angel. So, I think there wouldn’t be so much of a problem at this point and I also believe that he is making a move against me in the house,” he explained.

Leidy Elin: “We walked away and I also knew that she made a move in favor of Marcus against me. Here it’s basically ten, twelve against one and I’m putting them all in the same measure”, she explained.

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Matteus’ two choices

Pitel: “I wouldn’t want to destroy anyone’s card, but it’s part of the game. I will unfortunately destroy Pitel’s letter. I know she hasn’t had the opportunity to see her family yet,” she explained.

Yasmin:“She’s a person I really like, but among the people who stayed, Wanessa is a mother and she hasn’t had the opportunity to see her children yet. Davi is someone I really like. (…) It hurts my heart,” she said.

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Davi and Wanessa did not have their cards chosen, so they had the right to receive their cards. On the other hand, they had to decide the fate of the letters from the five Sincerão participants.

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David’s choice:

Raquel: “You’ve seen your family, you were Leader this week. I believe it has already killed the longing, other people here also need it, as they also recognized this,” she explained.

Vanessa’s choice:

Michelle: “Simply because among the people who are here, he had the opportunity to see his family twice at Anjo. The girls are mothers and I can’t do it and that’s the only reason,” he declared.

Last blow

Finally Davi and Wanessa had to decide, by mutual agreement, to shred one last letter. They chose Matteus.

“I understand that Matteus gave me priority. I know he is a person who likes me a lot, but he has two mothers here. I know he will understand this and we will shred Matteus’ letter”, said the app driver.



Cruel honesty shreds letters from family members

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