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David Hasselhoff shirtless, drunk and eating on the floor: these mind-blowing images filmed by his daughter!

The sequel after the ad

By making a name for himself in Hollywood, David Hasselhoff marked an entire generation! This Monday, July 17, 2023, Pamela Anderson’s ex-screen partner is celebrating her 71st birthday. The Fires of Love, La Crookie having fun or Baywatch, the famous actor has chained the projects on the small screen. But in recent years, the main interested party has not always been talked about because of his career.


David Hasselhoff has made the headlines several times because of his addiction to alcohol. A terrible illness that earned him several hospitalizations in addition to heavily impacting his loved ones. In particular one of his two daughters Taylor-Ann, fruit of his past relationship with Pamela Beach. Wanting to help her parent, Hayley Amber’s sister then used the hard way in 2007 to shock her.

You screw up your life drinking

Thus immersed in his torments, David Hasselhoff was immortalized by the latter totally drunk and naked. Shocking images subsequently relayed on the Web and in the media (see our slideshow). “Promise me you’ll stop. (…) Tell me now or I’ll never talk to you again. (…)”, launched in a sequence the young woman with regard to David Hasselhoff. It’s not just what you do to your family. You drank and tomorrow you will regret everything you told me. You’re screwing up your life by drinking. It’s stupid“, we can hear him say.

A desperate action that had the desired effect. Ashamed, the ex-companion of Catherine Hickland has done violence to regain control. The same year, he also expressed his regrets in the columns of the magazine People : “I was working but I had no control over what I was doing. Thanks to the video, I realized that this was a problem that I had to deal with. (…) I knew why Taylor had done this. She was scared for me. And I thought it was nice that my daughter loved me enough to be like, ‘Daddy, this is what you look like, we’re scared.’”

Serious concern for those around him


Despite his new resolutions, David Hasselhoff again worried his relatives two years later. Indeed, his youngest daughter had found him unconscious in his villa in Encino near Los Angeles. At worst, the pretty blonde would have alerted her mother Pamela Bach so that he could be rushed to Cedars Sinai Medical Center located in California.

Remarried and fulfilled alongside Hayley Roberts, 28 years his junior, the one who has gone through a long crossing of the desert would follow a dry diet to this day while honoring regular meetings with alcoholics anonymous. According to The Mirror, he would wear daily and symbolically the wedding ring of his father Joseph, who died in 2014, allowing him to respect his new line of conduct. On the jewel would be inscribed “stay on the straight and narrow.”

The sequel after the ad

The sequel after the ad


David Hasselhoff shirtless, drunk and eating on the floor: these mind-blowing images filmed by his daughter!

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