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Declarations of love for Valentine’s Day

You love him, but you don’t know how to declare your flame to him? Daring to confess one’s love is often complicated. While some people have no trouble declaring their flame to the chosen one of their hearts, others are not as skilled in this exercise. How to give the words “I love you” all their flavor to capsize the heart of the one we love? In what way to dare, to launch? How do I find the right words or the right idea?

Whether the relationship is engaged or not yet, at what point to confess to him? So many questions that jostle when it comes to telling him I love you. Declarations of love for Valentine’s Day: here are 5 ways to declare your flame. Why not take advantage of Valentine’s Day to make your declaration of love? To combine declaration and invitation?

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Declarations of love for Valentine’s Day: 5 ways to declare your flame

1/ Declarations of love for Valentine’s Day: by a romantic declaration in the rules of the art

The most “classic” way to declare your flame to the one you love is to show romanticism. In the rules of the art for Valentine’s Day, this can be synonymous with bouquets of red roses (1 single rose or a bouquet of 36 red roses to declare its flame, otherwise always offer an odd number of roses) with a card, a love letter or a poem.


For men, the variant to flowers can be chocolates. That said, it is not forbidden to offer flowers to a man!

Some deploy, in addition to these beautiful attentions, the great means, with the reservation of a good restaurant. Choosing a candlelit dinner in a cozy place with an intimate vibe is a good idea to confess your feelings. For the most shy or modest, the “I love you” can only be pronounced at the end of the evening, walking hand in hand in the moonlight for example if the place lends itself to it. You have chosen to declare your flame in the rules of the art so dare romanticism to the end!

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Declarations of love for Valentine’s Day

Already “intimate”? A variant to this romantic declaration of love can be the booking of a romantic weekend. With for example a restaurant notified of your arrival in which will pass the favorite music of your darling followed by a night in a charming hotel with candles, champagne and jacuzzi.


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