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defense alleges ‘erotic game’ in new request for freedom

In a document, Daniel Alves’ defense uses images made available by the club to claim an “erotic game” between the athlete and the young woman; Brazilian has been arrested since January 20

the defense of Daniel Alves presented a new request for the freedom of the Brazilian player, arrested since the 20th of January. In the attack, the defender’s lawyers alleged an alleged “erotic game” between the athlete and the 23-year-old, who accuses him of rape. “UOL” had access to the documents.

According to the publication, Daniel’s lawyers cited in the archives the images made available by the nightclub where the alleged crime took place. Both appeared dancing moments before the act. So far, Spanish justice has denied two appeals for the Brazilian to respond to the process against sexual egression in freedom.


“In the recorded images, two adults are clearly seen developing an erotic game prior to coitus. The complainant shows an openly sexualized behavior, typical of a sexual courtship phase”, claims the defense.

Read the defense note of Daniel Alves, released by UOL:

“The arguments of the defense to appeal before the Hearing of Barcelona and ask again for the provisional release of Daniel Alves:

Daniel Alves’ defense filed an appeal before the Hearing in Barcelona to ask for his provisional release. The request was filed on May 16, last Tuesday.
The athlete’s legal team supports his new petition on the points:

The risk of flight is non-existent and unthinkable. Daniel Alves will not run away from the legal process that lies ahead;

Daniel Alves in action during the World Cup (Credit: Getty Images)
Daniel Alves in action during the World Cup (Credit: Getty Images)

The relationship with the young woman was consensual;

The expert report presented by the defense, of 200 pages, and the audiovisual material analyzed, frame by frame, from the cameras of the Sutton nightclub are very solid to face the trial when it occurs;

Athlete Daniel Alves has a life project in Barcelona. The family always wanted their children to carry out their university studies in Spain. The next academic year of studies will be held in Barcelona and their children’s housing has been registered in the house that Alves owns in Esplugues de Llobregat;

The new defense texts also state that the young complainant has a report that presents “inconsistencies and inconsistencies”. There are also stories from her friends. The complainant, aged 23, told the judge that before entering the bathroom, she experienced a moment of fear, nervousness and intimidation. In the videos analyzed from the night in question, the defense wants to show that the previous 20 minutes — when Alves and the young woman were with friends at the Sutton VIP table — show another environment and a very different reality. In the recorded images, two adults are clearly seen developing an erotic game prior to coitus. The complainant shows openly sexualized conduct, typical of sexual courtship. At some point, the young woman is seen placing her back to the athlete, twisting and rubbing her buttocks in movement with the pelvic area of ​​the accused to the rhythm of the music;

The accused made two statements before the investigating judge. In the last one, on April 17, he modified his initial version because at first, when he made the first statement, he wanted to protect his marriage to Joana Sanz. That is why he did not initially acknowledge having had contact with the young woman ”.


see the lineups of the game in the Brasileirão!

defense alleges ‘erotic game’ in new request for freedom

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