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Facebook news,

Facebook is going to change its terms of use to clarify how the platform handles satire. The social media does this after a recommendation from the Oversight Board, the platform’s oversight board.

The council ruled last month that a satirical meme about the Armenian genocide was allowed on Facebook. The image was previously removed by the platform because it would be too crude and incite hatred and discrimination.

A meme is an image with text that is meant to be funny and is often repeated. In the photo in question is a man who has to choose between two buttons. The man’s face has been replaced by the Turkish flag. One choice is “Deny the Armenian genocide” and the other is “The Armenians were terrorists who deserved it”.


Facebook news

During the First World War, attempts were made to exterminate the Armenian population. Turkey denies there was genocide. The Oversight Board ruled that the person who posted the image is calling attention to the problem and not discriminating against Armenians.

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According to the oversight board, Facebook had previously said it would make an exception for satire. However, this policy was not included in the Terms of Use. Facebook says it will change the terms.

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