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Famous actors reveal exclusive details about Blue Beetle at nerd event
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In an exclusive appearance, the actors Bruna Marquezine It is Xolo Maridueña released the long-awaited film through a video, Blue Beetleat PerifaCon 2023, the event that took place last Sunday (30) in São Paulo, marks its third edition. The project's idea is to raise the nerd culture of the favelas, in addition to the various attractions, the convention also featured a panel that brought exclusive content from the new launch of the Warner Bros. Picturesin it fans were able to clarify their doubts about the film starring the Brazilian actress, which hits the big screen next month.

In the promotional video, Marquezine appears very friendly, talking a little more about her character, Jenny Kord, Xolo Maridueña ventures into Portuguese and answers which superhero he dreamed of being as a child, but emphasizes that it is a dream to now be able to see a hero exactly like him. The special also shows some excerpts from the film.

About the long

The synopsis of the film, directed by Angel Manuel Sotoreports that the story revolves around the protagonist Jaime Reyes, played by Maridueña. Lost among his purpose in the world, he finds a scarab, which consists of a relic of alien biotechnology, from which the character sees his life change when he gains super powers.


The film also features other big names, such as Susan Sarandon (Thelma & Louise), George Lopez (The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl), Adriana Barraza (Rambo: Until the End) and Damián Alcazar (The Chronicles of Narnia), in addition to Much awaited performance by Bruna Marquezine who will play Jenny Kord, with whom Jaime is in love. The film hits theaters on August 17th.

Watch the official trailer for Blue Beetle. Reproduction/Youtube

First Brazilian protagonist

Despite little information about her character, Marquezine has already done a great job in bringing Latin protagonism to the DCU for the first time, but there are still doubts about who Jenny would be in the trailer the actress appears in a construction company's office Kord Industriesthe company Ted Kord whose function is to provide equipment to military personnel, it seems that the character would have some connection with this founder.


Some believe that Jenny may have some power of influence between the characters as she will be a romantic partner with the protagonist, other fans reinforce the theory that the character would be the daughter of the Brazilian superheroine Fire (Beatriz Bonilla da Costa)the assumptions still reinforce the possibility of new Latin characters being developed.

Featured Photo: Bruna Marquezine and Xolo Maridueña. Reproduction/Instagram/@perifacon.

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Famous actors reveal exclusive details about Blue Beetle at nerd event

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Famous actors reveal exclusive details about Blue Beetle at nerd event


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