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Fiat Consortium
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Do you have questions about the Fiat consortium? In this article we will provide more information on the subject.

One of the most frequent doubts among people who are looking for a new car is whether it is worth investing in a consortium, right?


Still, this option, which turned 60 years old, has only grown. In the first three months of 2022 alone, the category recorded an increase of 12%, compared to the same period in 2021, in total new sales, which represents 886.34 thousand new hires.

Even so, the comparison between this modality and financing is very common, mainly because they are the most chosen options among new vehicle owners.

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With a much lower interest rate and less bureaucracy, the consortium can be the best choice for people who want to purchase their dream car. But do you know how it works and all the details? Stay tuned because we will explain.

Fiat Consortium

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Understand how the Fiat consortium works

The first thing you need to keep in mind is which vehicle you want. After that, check if the installments fit in your pocket and, of course, don't be in a hurry.

Consortia are formed by groups of people who have the same objective, which, in this case, is to buy one of the Fiat 0km cars.

During the specified period, consortium members pay monthly installments with fixed amounts. In order for all participants to win their car, the amount paid is deposited in a fund until the end of the consortium.

Draws are held each month and some people who are part of the group are included. Those selected will receive a letter of credit to purchase the car before all installments are finalized.


If you are not included this month, for example, you can place special bids to increase your chance of getting your card. Until all members of the group obtain their letter of credit, meetings and installments continue to take place.

The average duration of each group can vary between 12 and 180 months.

Benefits of choosing one of the Fiat consortium

Some advantages can be a big difference when deciding not to opt for financing. We list it below:

1- There is no entry

If you don't have money saved for a down payment when buying your car, this option could be a good choice. After all, to get started, you just need to choose the installment that fits your budget.


2- You will not pay interest

That's what you read! When purchasing a Fiat consortium, the customer is not charged any type of interest, but rather an administrative fee. This fee is diluted in the installments.

This is one of the big differences between financing with a bank, for example, which ends up charging high interest, making the consumer pay almost double the value of the car.

3- Payment flexibility

As you do not need to make a down payment, you will have the freedom to choose the amount of the installment you can pay and how many times your contract will be, making it even easier to make this dream come true.

4- Bid with ease

If you are not drawn, you can use the value of your credit card to bid and, in this way, get the amount faster to buy your new car.


But how do I get my consortium?

If you are interested and want to hire your Fiat consortium, you must contact the company, through the official website, and fill out the requested forms.

After completing this form, one of the responsible consultants will contact you to help you continue with the contract. The guarantee that everything went well will be the payment of the bill with the amount you chose to pay every month.

In addition to online service, Fiat also provides telephone numbers to contact. Write it down:

  • Capitals and metropolitan regions:4004-4224;
  • Other locations: 0800 723 4224.

A very important piece of information is that, if for some reason you give up on the Fiat consortium, for example, you can switch to someone else just by following all the steps required by the company.

Did you clear all your doubts? Now, just contact the company and speak to specialized representatives.


*This text is editorial content and does not guarantee the sale of this product on this website.

Fiat Consortium

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Fiat Consortium


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Fiat Consortium

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