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Flamengo and Fluminense could harm Ludmilla or Filipe Ret

In the world of football, who has never bet the result of a game with a friend who supports the rival team? Well, that’s what Philip Ret It is Ludmilla made. However, the two artists took the game to a very high level.

Lud, who is a Flamengo supporter, teased his friend: “Mengão is going to crush you. That ring will be worth nothing more.”


Ret didn’t run away from the streak and decided to bet with the singer. “100k on pix Lud?”.

The singer then agreed and mocked: “Closed, I’m waiting for the pix tomorrow, no crying”.

It is worth remembering that Fluminense and Flamengo enter the field this Sunday afternoon (16), at the Maracanã stadium, in a game valid for the 15th round of the Brazilian Championship. Flamengo is the current vice-leader, with 26 points, while Fluminense is in fourth place, with 24.



At the beginning of July, the singer Ludmilla partnered with Hemorio for a blood donation campaign, which was a great success. The artist donated tickets to the institution, in order to mobilize the population to donate blood to the state of Rio de Janeiro, which so badly needs it.

The singer’s show, which is a great success wherever she goes, was the institute’s bet for a robust campaign, in order to supply the blood supply of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Candidates who participated, attending the institution’s official collection points throughout the city, between July 5th and 7th, received an individual ticket for the event, which took place on July 8th, in Engenhão.

Ludmilla, who was already an ambassador for a Hemorio campaign in 2021, says that she saw in the campaign a way to repay the achievements brought about by the pagoda project.


“’Numanice’ has given me much more than I expected, and I would like to give back in some way the good things it has brought me, as well as the joy it brings to the audience and to me. I saw, once again, in this campaign a way to give back. The cause is too noble, there are many people waiting in line and, along with them, entire families waiting for blood banks that are almost always empty. I myself know people who needed it and who need it. Initiatives like this are necessary and welcome to change this scenario”.

“Although we always work with a smaller amount than the spaces can hold for greater comfort for everyone. This time, I managed to separate this quota and still, everyone will be at ease”.

The partnership aims to strengthen stocks and serve as many people as possible, remembering that each blood bag can save up to four lives. Candidates who wish to be part of the campaign must inform of their interest at the time of registration and fill out the authorization term that will be delivered by the service team. All addresses and collection locations can be seen on Hemorio’s social networks.

“We were very happy to have Ludmilla’s support to encourage such an important cause. She, who was once one of our ambassadors, recognizes the responsibility of showing her fans how much their participation in blood donation can make a difference in the lives of thousands of people. It is a great pleasure to have the singer once again.” commented the general director of Hemorio, Luiz Amorim.



According to the parameters of the World Health Organization (WHO), to maintain regular stocks it is necessary that 1.5% to 3% of the population donate regularly. Brazil currently has 1.8% of donors. Across the country, an average of 3.5 million blood bags are collected per year. The donation is essential to guarantee support to the main emergencies, maternity hospitals and health units in the State of Rio.


To donate blood, you must be between 16 and 69 years old, weigh at least 50 kg, be in good health and carry an official photo ID. Young people aged 16 and 17 can only donate blood with the authorization of their parents or legal guardians. They must also carry an identity document of the person responsible. It is not necessary to be fasting, just avoid fatty foods in the four hours before the donation and do not drink alcoholic beverages 12 hours before. Tattoo and piercing prevent donation for six months. Remembering that perforation in the oral or genital region is still an impediment to donations while the piece is in use.


Volunteers cannot have had hepatitis after the age of 10, nor be exposed to diseases transmissible through blood (syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis and Chagas disease). Pregnant or breastfeeding women and drug users cannot donate blood. In addition, those who have been infected by Covid-19 can donate after 10 days of the disappearance of symptoms and those who have already received the vaccine can donate after seven days (48 hours in case of Coronavac). For more details or information, the donor can consult Hemorio’s social networks (@hemorio) or call the Blood Disque from Monday to Friday, except holidays, from 7 am to 5 pm, at the number 0800 282 0708.

Flamengo and Fluminense could harm Ludmilla or Filipe Ret

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