Gabriel Smaniotto launches Fezinha featuring Lucas Lucco

Gabriel Smaniotto

Gabriel Smaniotto – The chance to start over with the person you love. The story, full of feeling, is in the song ‘Fezinha’, by singer Gabriel Smaniotto. The song, written by Matheus Ferreira Soares, Lucas Bezerra Medeiros, Marcos Antonio Dias da Silva, Kleber dos Santos Batista and Thiago Abdulahad Nunes Rios ME, will be released on February 24, on all digital platforms.

Gabriel Smaniotto

“The song talks about forgiveness, about the person trying to win back the other, pretending they never met to kiss and fall in love for the first time, about having a little face, giving a little help because there is a new person wanting to love her”, he said. the singer.

“Pretend you don’t know me/Our love will reappear/Just one chance to start over”. There are some verses that set the tone of the theme and that made Gabriel call Lucas Lucco for a more than special participation in the recording. The intention came when the singer heard the song for the first time and thought it would match the style and tone of voice of the two.

“I had already done some shows in the same place as Lucas, I met him, but we didn’t have a friendship or talk directly. 

So I decided to invite him through social media and he agreed right away, sending his number and saying he would do it for sure. From that, we started to define the strategies, the song that would be the definitive one and everything else”, he said.

Gabriel Smaniotto

Despite the special attention for ‘Fezinha’, Gabriel Smaniotto does not stop. In the plans for 2023, many launches are prepared.

“The focus is on the concert schedule and we work hard to, who knows, come at the end of the year with a slightly bigger, more complete work, like an EP, a DVD, something like that”, he said.

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Gabriel Smaniotto

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