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Galo beats Peñarol at home and maintains 100% in the Libertadores
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On Tuesday night (23), Galo struggled, but beat Peñarol 3-2 at Arena MRV with goals from Gustavo Scarpa (twice) and one from Paulinho. The miners took a 3-0 lead at the start of the second half. But within 10 minutes, Oliveira and Silveira were reduced and even had a ball hit the post after a free kick. With the result, Atlético Mineiro opened a six-point lead over the Uruguayans, who occupy third place in Group G, and can now guarantee their place in the next phase if they beat Rosario Central, in Argentina, in the 4th round of the competition.

Quiet first half for Galo

Galo had a great performance in the first stage, pushed by the fans, the miners pressed from the first minute. And in the 14th minute, after a good exchange of passes, Zaracho gives a beautiful pass to Paulinho, who crosses backwards and finds Gustavo Scarpa free inside the area to hit the goalkeeper's counterfoot hard and open the score. The miners continued with a high line, making it difficult for the Uruguayans to get the ball out, until in the 25th minute, Damián García played the wrong way and gave a gift to Paulinho, at the edge of the area, the attacker only had the job of moving the goalkeeper and score Atlético Mineiro's second goal. Penarol threatened Everson's goal with a free kick, which the goalkeeper cleared for a corner.

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Gustavo Scarpa is decisive and scores two goals in Atlético's victory over Peñarol. (Photo: reproduction/instagram@atletico)


Second electrifying stage

Even with the advantage on the scoreboard, Galo returned to the second half wanting to decide the game in the opening minutes. In the 5th minute, Paulinho came face to face with De Amores and shot at the goalkeeper, in the 7th minute it was Zaracho's turn to hit a bomb onto the Uruguayans' crossbar.

Coach Diego Aguirre decided to change the Uruguayan team, and made three changes at once, soon after the substitutions, Gustavo Scarpa scored again and it seemed that the game was decided. It only seemed like it, then Peñarol scored, Maxi Oliveira took advantage of Leo Fernandes' cross and reduced it. With the goal and the changes, Aguirre's team grew in the match and started to have more possession of the ball, and close to the miners' goal, until in the 23rd minute, Maxi Silveira, in a confusing move inside the area, scored the second and was silent. the MRV Arena. In the 27th minute, almost a draw, Gastón Ramírez takes a free kick from afar and hits Everson's block; Galo manages to return to control of the match and holds off the Uruguayan pressure.

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After the final whistle, Coach Gabriel Milito was surprised by his disagreement with Gastón Ramírez, but soon afterward they hugged each other. As a result. The Argentine remains undefeated in charge of Galo, now there are five wins and three draws.

Featured photo: Galo reaches his third consecutive victory and is the only undefeated Brazilian in the competition (Reproduction/Instagram/@atletico)


Galo beats Peñarol at home and maintains 100% in the Libertadores

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Galo beats Peñarol at home and maintains 100% in the Libertadores

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