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Honda Moto Consortium: discover the plans!
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Discover the Honda motorcycle consortium and find out what plans are offered. See also the Honda consortium for cars!

Honda is one of the most famous motorcycle manufacturers and distributors in the world. And in Brazil, it is the choice of many who want their first motorcycle.


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So, for this reason, they created the Honda consortium. Therefore, to help people who are unable to plan financially, to finally acquire the brand's dream motorcycle.

Honda Moto Consortium

Image: Pixabay

Models available in Honda motorcycle consortium

See below which models can be found on the Honda consortium website:

  • CG 160 Start;
  • CG 160 Fan;
  • Biz 110i;
  • CG 160 Titan;
  • CB500F;
  • XRE 190 ABS;
  • Biz 125;
  • Elite 125;
  • PCX;
  • Honda ADV;
  • CB Twister;
  • CRF 1100L Africa Twin;
  • CB1000R;
  • Pop 110i;
  • NXR 160 Bros ESDD;
  • XRE 300;
  • CB500X;
  • NC 750X;
  • CRF250F;
  • TRX 420 FourTrax;
  • CBR650R.

Furthermore, you can choose between models from 150cc to 351cc. There are also options for street, adventure motorcycles up to 300cc, off road and sport.

Therefore, there are countless options for you to have your first motorcycle and experience different adventures.

But, to be even more attractive, the installment values ​​can range from 150 reais per month to 500 reais. You will make your choice before joining the group that best suits what you are looking for.

In addition, all motorcycles purchased in a consortium come with group life insurance, which is also very advantageous.

Plans Honda motorcycle consortium

The Honda consortium has some specific plans that depend on the type of motorcycle you are looking to buy.


1. Plan My Honda Scooter

In this plan, the groups are balanced, with more accessible installments. It has two payment terms, 36 and 60 months.

Therefore, when entering this plan it is expected that 15 contemplations will be made during its period. One of them by draw, 13 by free throw and 1 by fixed throw.

There are several opportunities to get your scooter.

2. Vou de Honda Plan

This is suitable for those who want motorcycles of up to 300 cc, but unlike the previous one there are 4 different deadlines. Allowing you to choose what fits best in your pocket.


So, when opting for this plan, you can choose between paying your installments between 12, 25, 48 and 80 months.

This, on the other hand, has a forecast of 26 monthly contemplations.

3. Vou de Honda+ Plan

Unlike the previous one, this one has only one payment period, but it is intended for the same category of vehicles.

Furthermore, its term is 80 months with a forecast of 12 monthly contemplations.


4. Multichances Plan

For those who want motorcycles with less engine capacity, starting from 150cc, there is this plan with just two types of groups and payment forecast.

They are for 36 or 60 months with a forecast of 26 monthly awards, 5 of which are by draw.

5. Special plan

This plan is for those who want a motorcycle with smaller displacements or are hoping to exchange their car for a Honda. This has a term of 72 months and comes with a special administration fee.

6. Plan conquers

Another one for those who want a low-displacement motorcycle. This has two types of payment terms, 36 and 60 months, with up to 26 expected payments.


7. TRX and CRF Plan

As previously mentioned, off road motorcycles or quads for those who love an adventure are also available. This plan has a term of 60 months with 3 prior considerations.

8. Special plan for cars

Honda also has cars and for those who plan to purchase one via a consortium, this is the most suitable plan.

With terms of 72 months and up to 2 monthly payments that will be conditioned on the group's balance.


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The consortium is a practical way to get closer to the acquisitions you expect. There are different forms of this.


You can talk to the consortium administrator or a dealership to join your Honda consortium.

Furthermore, it is possible to use the application to handle bills, payments and finances as well.

The consortium will help you achieve what you want, without having to depend on your own discipline to deal with financial planning.

Therefore, it is certain that you will get what you expect, as before the closing, all participants in your group will be covered.


Therefore, with the Honda motorcycle consortium you can have your motorcycle simply and without bureaucracy.

So, did you like what the Honda consortium offers?

Honda Moto Consortium: discover the plans!

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Honda Moto Consortium: discover the plans!



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Honda Moto Consortium: discover the plans!

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