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How does it work and what is it?
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Personalized car insurance allows you to choose each coverage that will be available to the driver.

Anyone who always wanted to protect their car had insurance available. When hiring the service, you were looking for personalized car insurance.


Insurers try to offer a tailored product to customers. However, this was not always possible because sales were made in packages. The penalty came from contracting additional coverage or products aimed at specific groups.

What would have changed now? Is there a possibility of having real personalized car insurance?

Personalized car insurance: how it works and what is important to have

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How personalized car insurance works

SUSEP is the body that regulates the insurance sector in Brazil and made changes in September 2021. These made it truly possible to obtain personalized car insurance.


So you can understand better, personalized car insurance allows the insured to choose which coverage they want.

For example, it is possible to only take out collision coverage. In this case, if the car's bodywork has any damage, it will be covered. This one can be even more specific. You can only protect the front of the car or the back, but if you prefer, you can opt for just the windows.

Whoever hires the service chooses exactly which coverage they will have and which part of the car will be protected. In this case, all the protections that were already sold by insurance companies become available.

Personalization also allows you to choose what the compensation amount will be. Before, it was common for it to be equal to the market value of the vehicle. The driver chooses whether to receive the full amount or 70 if there is a total loss.


And since personalized car insurance is for people, it is no longer linked to the car. Its link is with the driver, so no matter which car he is driving, the vehicle will be protected.

We can summarize that personalized insurance is any insurance that allows you to choose everything you will have at the time of contracting. There is a list of coverages that are offered and the person can set it up however they wish.

Insurers may also provide additional services such as assistance. This is how you choose about them too.

The best thing is that the person only pays for what they chose. And because it is personalized, there is also flexibility in the hiring time. Some people even opt for pay-per-use insurance.


Although it is possible to choose all the details, insurance packages are still available. Anyone who prefers can opt for them. When aimed at specific groups they may prove interesting.

What can't be missing from personalized car insurance

You need to be careful when taking out personalized car insurance. Many people are just looking for the best prices and this can result in essential coverage being left out.

There is no rule of what should or should not be covered by insurance, as it varies from one person to another. One thing is essential, having the policy that specifies the rules of the contracted service – this cannot be missing.

So that you can make an informed choice, take some points into consideration. If you live in a place where there are a lot of robberies and vehicle thefts, don't leave it out. Most large cities suffer from this problem.


For those who drive the car, the collision must be included in the policy. The risk of a crash is great. The good thing is that you can choose to protect what would otherwise be more car to fix, such as the front and rear of the car. Glass does not need to be protected.

Civil liability insurance is recommended for those who do not have much experience behind the wheel, because it can cause accidents and have to pay for third party losses.

Fire coverage tends to be little used. Just be careful because if the car catches fire after a collision, the insurance company may refuse to pay compensation if it is not included.

One thing that cannot be missing from personalized car insurance is assistance. It ends up being useful in moments when you are in greatest difficulty. The good thing is that to have these services you don't have to pay a high premium and they don't have a deductible.


Personalized car insurance is a product that has exactly what the driver needs and can be taken with him in different vehicles. It is the solution for those looking for something that meets all their needs.

How does it work and what is it?

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How does it work and what is it?


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How does it work and what is it?

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