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How the portable car tracker works
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The portable car tracker has small dimensions, but a high capacity to report your location.

The pandemic made people rethink some of their habits and contracted services. One of the things that changed was the car.


Its use decreased at the beginning of the outbreak, but little by little circulation is returning to normal. However, concern about the car seems to have increased as the number of people looking for a tracker grew during this time.

When hiring the service, there is the option of a fixed and portable tracker for cars. Understand better how this second one works.

How the portable car tracker works

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What is the portable car tracker?

A portable car tracker is a device that transmits its location and allows you to know where it is.


Because it is portable, it is a very small piece of equipment that fits in the palm of your hand. It can be easily transported and hidden in places in the car so that it cannot be found.

Operation occurs with different technologies, depending on the chosen manufacturer. In the case of radio frequency, electromagnetic waves are used. There is also the GPS option that uses satellites and a chip that works with the help of cell phone antennas.

How does the portable tracker work?

The tracker has a battery so it can work. This must be loaded periodically so that the service does not become inoperative. Battery life varies depending on the device model, with many lasting for days.

When in operation, it needs to be configured with the help of an app or website. If you choose a company that provides the monitoring service plus the device, they will take care of this part.


If you are going to use the equipment yourself, then you must learn all the functions and program correctly.

Once programmed, it must be placed inside the car, preferably in a place that cannot be seen. When fully operational, it will send a signal informing you of your location and with the help of the software it will also record the entire history.

Some models have additional features, such as a panic button. In unusual situations, it is possible to press the button and the monitoring center or a designated number will be notified. This way she will know your location and can ask for help.

Can the tracker be taken out of the car?

Yes. As it is a portable car tracker, it can be removed from the vehicle. However, by doing this it will lose its monitoring function.


This removal should only be done if there is a need to charge the battery in another location. Furthermore, if you want to change the position in which it is hidden, there is no problem. For example, if it was in the glove compartment, it can be placed under the seat.

Is the portable tracker accepted by car insurance?

If there is a concern about reducing the cost of insurance, the tracker can help. Even portable models have a high level of accuracy and help locate the car in cases of robbery and theft. This means that risks for drivers are minimized.

By including on your insurance form that you have a vehicle tracker, you can get a good discount and save money.

What are the advantages of having a vehicle tracker?

With the tracker, the chances of recovering the vehicle in cases of theft are greater. This happens because it is possible to know where the car is and inform the authorities so that they can carry out the search.


It also increases the safety of the driver and passengers in the event of a kidnapping. If people are taken along with the car, their positions will also be known.

The portable car tracker requires no installation. It is a mobile device that just needs to be placed somewhere hidden in the car. This way you can save time and money that would be spent on installation.

Additional services can also be an advantage. For example, an electronic fence may be available and issue an alert if the vehicle leaves a certain area. History and movement are recorded, so companies can better plan their routes and drivers can think of ways to save fuel.

The portable car tracker brings a series of advantages, is very simple to operate and is affordable. For those looking for peace of mind, it could be the ideal solution.


How the portable car tracker works

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How the portable car tracker works


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How the portable car tracker works

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