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how to give your car a long life
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Do you want to protect your vehicle? Take out Palio insurance and travel with peace of mind for longer with it.

This article presents excellent information for consumers who want to know more about the Fiat Palio. Whether you want to buy a new car or simply get a quote for Palio insurance.


Emerging as the successor of the One, the Fiat Palio It was launched in 1996, and its design was made by the Italian studio IDEA. This is how this model began to be among the most beloved among drivers, being one of Fiat's greatest highlights.

See the step by step!

The highlight of its first generation was the Citymatic version, where there was no need for a clutch pedal. In 2000, the vehicle's first restyling was carried out, with its rear lights gaining a new design and remaining in the same position.

In 2003, with the launch of the more powerful Fire version, Palio lovers increased, even having the Palio ELX with a more luxurious model to please all audiences, even the most demanding.

The third generation, made in 2003, is considered the most beautiful made to date. The design won so much praise that it persists to this day in the Fire version, in the entry-level model.


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This was how the model evolved until reaching the 2013 version, launched in April 2012 with Attractive 1.4, Essence 1.6 16V and Essence Dualogic 1.6 16V versions, which already have the HSD Kit (High Safety Drive), with double front airbag and brakes ABS with EBD to guarantee reinforced safety in the vehicle that has become the favorite of many drivers.

Advantages and disadvantages of having a Palio

In the midst of a history of great success, knowing the advantages and disadvantages that make the model a beloved car and at the same time require special attention when taking out insurance is the best way to show concern for your vehicle and ensure that the even if it is protected.

Fiat | Auto Insurance | Online Simulation

Regarding the advantages, only those who drive a Palio know what is really good about the model, but we can mention some items such as the driving position, which is much better; armrest on the driver's seat and height adjustment, as well as an interior finish that earns many compliments from men and women.


Even the 1.0 version of the model demonstrated good performance in tests carried out, in addition to the trunk having 290 liters with a 48 liter tank and internal space for five people to be comfortable.

Makes you want to have a Palio, doesn't it? You just need to keep an eye on the new technologies used by the brand, which could cause problems with the injection and also higher labor costs in the mechanic workshop, as the way the vehicle is assembled is a little different from the previous ones.

But you don't need to give up your Palio, as taking out insurance can eliminate these periodic expenses and possible headaches that may arise.

Why take out insurance for your Palio?

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Everyone already knows that car insurance is extremely important for any vehicle model. However, it is important to note that the Fiat Palio is among the vehicles with the highest rate of theft due to its popularity. In other words, if you want to have your own car and be able to leave the house without worrying about unwanted theft and theft, taking out insurance is the best way to make your trip even better.

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What is the value of Palio insurance?

Due to being a popular car and also having high rates of theft, taking into account its advantages and disadvantages, Palio insurance is not among the cheapest, but rather among the best-selling due to the fact that everyone wants to protect their car.

Values ​​may vary depending on the insurer, with the general average being R$2,000.00, which may be a little more or a little less, depending on the company and use of the vehicle. To do this, the best way to find out the exact value of your Palio insurance is to get a quote here at Seguro Auto and receive a personalized quote in a short time from insurers registered with Susep.

Take the opportunity to travel with your family in a car protected by all the advantages that Palio insurance can bring.


how to give your car a long life

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how to give your car a long life

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