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Kissing Techniques, Let’s make your kiss more delicious

Kissing may seem like a simple thing. But in fact, this ‘activity’ is difficult to do. The line between failure and success while kissing is quite thin. So, you have to be careful not to make mistakes in this one, Bela. To reduce the risk of failure when you smell, it’s time you learn these 5 techniques.

1. Don’t forget to make eye contact with your partner (Kissing Techniques)

Kissing Techniques
Kissing Techniques

While kissing, you can hold your partner’s face and make eye contact. In this case, you don’t have to close your eyes constantly. Making eye contact is proven to increase arousal, even if you don’t have to look sexy anymore if you are good at this. Sensuality that appears in your eyes, will make the partner even crazier to kiss. You can repeat eye contact at certain intervals.

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2. Use your hands, but don’t overdo it

Kissing Techniques
Kissing Techniques

Kissing without using hands is a bad idea. Do you want to kiss a stiff guy? While your lips are busy, you can use your hands to do other things. Men would prefer it if their partner runs a finger through their hair. Maybe you can play your hands around your neck, ears, then down to your chest, arms or back. But remember, limit the touch to keep them comfortable.

3. No need to rush, play tempo and rhythm to spur passion

Kissing Techniques
Kissing Techniques

That kiss doesn’t need to be done in a hurry. Use your heart, do it slowly until you and she feel comfortable. When you’re both ‘stuck’ in a french kiss which is a long, thrilling kiss that makes anyone want to let go, you can slow down the movement of your tongue. Slowly release your arms on his body, and look him in the eye. Remember, don’t rush, there are times when you stop and start over.

4. Tongue games will provide unparalleled enjoyment

Kissing Techniques
Kissing Techniques

Playing the tongue while kissing will bring its own pleasure. Tongue dancing in a partner’s mouth can give an excessive sensation. Again do not do it in a hurry, enjoy and do it casually. Start with a warm kiss, then gradually open your mouth slowly and try to suck the lips of the partner using the tongue. Try not to touch your partner’s lips first, so that your partner becomes curious.

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5. Lastly, pay attention if you want to bite

Kissing T

Biting is often considered a sexy thing. But still, it’s forbidden to bite your partner’s lip. Just take the lower lip gently and give it a passionate kiss. Just like playing the tongue, biting can give a more delicious sensation when kissing. But keep in mind, you have to be careful not to leave a meaningful wound on your partner’s lips.

Do you feel better after knowing the secret to be more delicious in kissing, Bela? When you’re doing it, your feelings will be mixed up. Starting from a sense of pleasure, happiness, anxiety, and nervousness. All you need to do is really just one, enjoy it all.




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