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In love with a seducer

Hello Lea, my name is Sandra. I would need advice because I feel totally lost. I met a boy a month ago. The problem is that not only to be very beautiful, it is in great demand. I live in a region and in particular a group of villages where things turn very quickly. The problem is still not here…

The problem is that he is older than me. I’m 15 years old (I’m going on my 16th) and he is 19 years old in November. We can say that I am ahead of my age, I have always hung out with friends older than me, which means that I do not do the same activities (evening for example) as girls my age… And I think that’s why he became interested in me.

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Because as he made me understand, I am supposedly two years older than my actual age. We saw each other several times. (Often in the evening, or in the evening.) he is a very nice boy, who shows me signs of jealousy, as well as signs of protection. Simply, this boy had many girls in his bed. (And when I say many I’m nice) But I feel deep down this feeling that it may be sincere. Because despite the fact that he had many girls in his bed, he is kind, protective… But wouldn’t that be a tactic?

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Every time we see each other, I feel that it forces a little to go further. I push him away, because I don’t want him to believe that I am at his feet like everyone else. My friends advise me a lot on this situation. She tells me to let go of the matter, but I can’t. I am already very attached to him. He often asked me to come and sleep at his house, I refuse every time. But he comes to see me, in my village, or when I am somewhere he asks me and if he can, he comes.

In love with a seducer

I never take the first step, it is he who proposes that we see each other. He is very jealous and a bit possessive. He makes me attacks of jealousies when he sees a picture of me with a friend. Or when I am escorted home by friends on a scoot or motorcycle, when it is late. Or when I am in the evening, he warns me every time that if there is a problem he arrives. It’s cute, but I can’t tell if it’s sincere or just to have me in bed.

Many friends of mine know him,(most of the time because he takes girls for objects and leaves them afterwards)they tell me to be wary and pay attention to me. Even his own cousin, with whom he has a great complicity, made it clear to my best friend, that he was using me just to have me in bed. My best friend is 18 years old, and she doesn’t know what to think of him anymore. In love with a seducer


They are the same age, yet it is I who interests her and not her. She’s scared for me. The problem is that I’m afraid I’ll start falling in love. Because I think he knows how to do it with girls he’s not crazy. I fell into his game. It’s a tricky situation.. I would need your help.. Thank you in advance.

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Kindly, Sandra.

Hello Sandra,

I thank you for your message and your trust. I will in this article give you my advice, then it’s up to you to apply them

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