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Insurance for old motorcycles: how to get yours
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Do you have a rare motorcycle in the garage, but avoid taking it out of the house? This is not necessary! Understand in this article how insurance for old motorcycles works.

Taking out insurance for old motorcycles can be very advantageous.


Firstly, because protection gives the user the opportunity to enjoy their property more safely.

Auto insurance against theft and theft

Furthermore, he is free from damage to the vehicle.

Some people are not satisfied with just having a motorcycle — they like to have old motorcycles, full of history and personality.

Machines that have been in the family for years, or that are collectibles.


Because they are so rare for their owners, these machines end up not leaving the house much, for fear of accidents or theft.

In these cases, the best option is to carry out a motorcycle insurance simulation.

But how does insurance for old motorcycles and their values ​​work?

Want to know more about this subject? Follow the content below!

Insurance for old motorcycles

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How does motorcycle insurance work?

Just like car insurance, motorcycle insurance has two types of coverage.

They are: simple and comprehensive.

Not to mention the additional benefits and coverage that can be purchased.


To know the exact value of motorcycle insurance, you need to carry out an insurance simulation.

Typically, basic motorcycle insurance policies cover robbery and theft, 24-hour assistance and towing.

The most complete option also includes collision and fire protection.

Another common protection is against damage to third parties.


However, compared to a car, a motorcycle can cause very little damage to another vehicle.

Therefore, the coverage offered for these situations is lower, around R$20,000.

Motorcycles with more engine capacity may have third-party coverage of up to R$50,000.

Coverage may vary by insurer and, therefore, it is essential to research thoroughly before opting for insurance.


The insurance simulation is simple and can be done without even leaving home.

Simply choose some trustworthy companies and request a quote, providing personal details and the vehicle for which the insurance will be taken out.

Once this is done, you will receive a series of information about how the service works and possible coverage, as well as prices.

What changes in insurance for old motorcycles?

In general, the main difference between common motorcycle insurance and old motorcycle insurance is the value of the policy.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

A best quotewith best brokersby the best prices.


Old motorcycles tend to have much higher values ​​than newer ones.

This happens because the vast majority of them are more targeted in robberies and thefts.

It is also more difficult to find replacement parts to carry out possible necessary repairs.

Furthermore, the older the motorcycle, the greater the need for repairs in cases of accidents.


Considering these factors, not all insurance companies on the market offer protection for old motorcycles.

And when they do, the costs can be higher than usual.

Therefore, it is worth taking a series of precautions when quoting options.

How are insurance calculations for old motorcycles made?

As with other types of vehicle insurance, the calculation of insurance for old motorcycles is based on the profile of the customer and the motorcycle.


Therefore, factors such as the general condition and year of the motorcycle are evaluated, as well as the region in which the insured person lives and travels.

With this information, it is possible for the insurance company to correctly calculate the risks to which the motorcycle is exposed.

The higher they are, the higher the policy value will be.

The type of use of the motorcycle is another that directly affects the cost of insurance.


After all, the more it is used, the more the vehicle is subject to accidents.

Especially robberies and thefts, since four motorcycles are stolen every hour in São Paulo alone.

The average is quite similar in the rest of Brazil.

Other aspects evaluated by insurers to quote insurance are:

  • Parking space for the motorcycle, including for overnight stays;
  • Insurance compensation amount;
  • Pilot experience time, etc.

Although some factors make insurance more expensive, it is important to tell the insurer the truth.

After all, it is through your information that it will define the cost of the insurance.


If you lie or omit, you may pay less, but you will have problems later.

The logic is quite simple: after an accident, the insurance company assesses whether the information it has matches reality.

For example, if the motorcycle was really only used for touring.

When it notices inconsistencies in the data, the company may accuse the consumer of fraud.


Then, it will deny compensation, leaving the user at a loss.

Some motorcycles may have cheaper prices

Some insurance for old motorcycles may be a little more affordable depending on the situation.

As these older motorcycles, in some cases are only used on weekends for events and trips, their use is more restricted, and they are not used in everyday life in big cities.

In these cases, because they are at less risk than motorcycles that are used routinely, they may have more affordable insurance.


Obviously, this information needs to be very clear when taking out insurance, and if the motorcyclist uses the motorcycle to get around the city, even just a few days a week, he needs to inform the insurance company of this fact.

What if the motorcycle is not included in the Fipe table?

Some motorcycles may be so old that they are not included in the Fipe table.

And the Fipe table is used as a reference for defining the market values ​​of an asset.

It is based on the values ​​shown in the table that insurers define the value of the policy, the deductible and mainly the compensation.


The vehicle not appearing in the Fipe table can be an obstacle to taking out insurance, which is one of the reasons why companies do not provide insurance for old motorcycles.

However, this is not a rule and with good research the customer can find good options.

However, it is important to know the vehicle and its average market value to know whether the values ​​presented by the insurer match reality.

How can I get cheaper insurance for old motorcycles?

If your budget is tight and you can't spend a lot on insurance for old motorcycles, there are some ways to make insurance cheaper.


As said before, it is not recommended that you lie when filling out the motorcycle insurance quote form.

However, there are some small daily changes that can significantly lower the insurance value.

Leaving your motorcycle in a garage is one of the ways to make motorcycle insurance cheaper.

The use of equipment such as trackers can also significantly reduce costs.


This is because, after a theft, the motorcycle can be more easily found.

It is still worth getting a quote from a variety of insurance companies.

Insurance for old motorcycles has very different costs and coverage across companies, and research is essential to find the best price.

Theft and theft insurance

An alternative for those looking for insurance for old motorcycles is to have coverage only for theft and theft.


After all, older motorcycles, in some cases even considered classic, are often targeted by thieves.

For this situation, motorcycle insurance that covers theft and theft can already protect you.

This type of insurance does not, however, cover collisions or mechanical problems.

This type of coverage has a lower value when compared to more complete insurance for old motorcycles, and can be an option for those who are unable to purchase another option.


Vehicle protection

As insurance for old motorcycles can be expensive, it is likely that when faced with a cheaper option, many owners of these vehicles will end up adopting it.

However, you need to be careful.

This is because vehicle protections, despite being cheaper, are not safe.

They are not inspected like car insurance, and there is a high chance of leaving their members in the lurch at the time of an accident.


Furthermore, in some cases, it may even be fraud, where companies do not operate with the aim of being an association, but rather just taking money from their customers.

Therefore, you need to be careful, research the company well and not hire any option just because it is cheaper.

Old motorcycle insurance online

To check old motorcycle insurance prices, you can get quotes online.

This way, the customer can search among several companies without leaving home.


It is still possible to count on the help of an online broker, who can greatly assist in this research.

Furthermore, it is possible to carry out much of the process online, and contact the insurance company physically only for processes that need to be carried out in person.

This makes it very simple for the customer to purchase insurance for old motorcycles online and guarantee a good price and good coverage.

Not to mention that online you can also see if the company provides a good service, which helps a lot when taking out insurance.


Is it worth taking out insurance for old motorcycles?

Even when the motorcycle is not used frequently, it is at risk of suffering accidents and unforeseen events that can have a high cost for the owner.

Therefore, it is important to have insurance for old motorcycles.

Even though the value may be high, consider that the risks and losses caused by an unforeseen event are also high.

In some cases, they can have a big impact on the client's budget, and paying for them all alone can be complicated.


Because of this fact, having insurance to provide this assistance at a time that can be quite complicated will greatly help to reduce this impact.

Insurance for old motorcycles: how to get yours

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Insurance for old motorcycles: how to get yours


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Insurance for old motorcycles: how to get yours

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