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Is it mandatory to inform CPF in the Insurance Quote?
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When we make a car insurance quote, some information is always requested, including the zip code and CPF of the person making the quote. In this article you will understand why it is mandatory to inform your CPF when quoting insurance. Check out!

Older drivers have cheaper car insurance

If you are thinking about taking out car insurance, you should already know that it is possible to research prices online, requesting quotes online.


However, you may have also noticed that, whenever you try to get a quote, personal data such as age, CPF and ZIP code are requested.

Some people do not feel comfortable providing this information on websites and other digital platforms, especially if they are not aware of the suitability of the company in question.

If this happened to you and you were afraid to provide your documents, you know that this concern is well founded.

However, you may have also realized that it is practically impossible to get a car insurance quote without providing your CPF and other personal details.


And, you may be wondering what the real need for this is.

If this is your case, follow this article and see why it is so important to provide this information during a car insurance quote.

Why is it mandatory to provide your CPF when getting a car insurance quote?

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What are the main information in a car insurance simulation and why is it mandatory to inform CPF in the insurance quote?

The possibility of carrying out a car insurance simulation online is great, it allows us to save a lot of time and even money, since traveling to an insurance company or a broker's office is not necessary.


However, it can also cause a series of doubts, and certainly the first of them is related to all the information and documents that are requested in the quote.

There are usually a lot of details that, at first, we think are unnecessary, but believe me, they are not.

In a car insurance simulation, the main information requested at first is generally:

  • CPF of the insured person;
  • Date of birth;
  • Sex of the main driver;
  • ZIP code where the insured person lives;
  • Model and year of the car.

In addition to these, it is common for questions such as how many people live in your household and how old they are, or who else drives the vehicle besides the insured, to be asked.

All this information helps the company to define the profile of those interested in insurance and, consequently, define the amount to be charged for the insurance.


How does this information help in determining the value of car insurance?

It may seem strange that these questions mentioned above are used to define the value of car insurance.

However, they are fundamental as they directly influence the risk involving the vehicle.

Let's explain so that you understand better, the model of the vehicle helps the insurance company to understand what the chances are of it being targeted or not by criminals, while the year of manufacture mainly influences whether or not it is easy to find replacement parts in the event of an accident. partial.

The driver's date of birth and gender help the company understand what the person's chances of being involved in an accident are, since, statistically, the older the driver, the more experience and responsibility he has.


Furthermore, numerous studies show that women are more careful in traffic and attentive to the condition of their vehicles than men.

The CPF is requested so that the insurance company can know how the person behaves as a consumer, whether they usually pay their bills on time and what are the chances of them failing to pay their car insurance.

It is important to mention here that a person with a bad name cannot be deprived of taking out car insurance, however, they may pay a higher amount than a person with the same profile who has a clean name.

This happens because the company understands that, if it is already in default with one or more companies, it has a greater chance of being in default with auto insurance as well.


But why is the zip code requested when getting a car insurance quote?

Believe me, informing the zip code where you live is extremely important when determining the value of car insurance.

Insurance companies request the ZIP code when quoting car insurance to find out which region the person lives in and what the violence rates are there.

With this information, companies can assess the rates of theft and theft, and traffic accidents in this area.


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This is important because generally, the residence is where the vehicle remains most of the time, or generally stays overnight.


However, in addition to the residential ZIP code, the professional ZIP code may also be requested, so that the insurer can assess the risks that the vehicle runs during the insured's working hours.

Why is it mandatory to inform the CPF in the auto quote?

When quoting insurance, it is mandatory to inform CPF, as the document is requested not just to have your documents. This request is a way for insurers to know who is looking for insurance.

This document gathers information about the person, including whether they are a good payer, whether they have regular CPF status and others.

Generally speaking, companies that provide car insurance will use your document to generate a personalized insurance quote.


Your CPF will help in the following situations:

1. Check if you already have insurance

As this is a unique document, if the CPF already has insurance, for example, with the same insurance company that is quoting a new one, you can get discounts.

This practice is common, this way insurance companies are able to retain their customers and provide exclusive offers.

2. Consult the bonus class

The bonus works as a type of score that policyholders accumulate depending on how long they have had insurance.


This score is used by all insurance companies linked to SUSEP and can be “transferred” from one to another.

If you have a good bonus class linked to your CPF you may receive a discount on the insurance amount, the higher the score the greater the advantage.

  1. Analyze payer history

Insurance companies cannot deny insurance just because a client has a bad name, but it is very likely that this consultation will be carried out to assess the risks.

What usually happens is that people who default tend to have insurance for a higher amount to compensate for the risk of delaying an installment or canceling the service due to default.

CPF information along with other data such as place of residence, length of driving, vehicle model and others will help define the value of the premium.


There is no way, without providing all the information requested by the insurance company, it cannot assess the risks, therefore, in the auto quote it is mandatory to inform the CPF.

Is it safe to provide my CPF?

This will depend on the location where the research is being carried out.

You should not fill out your information to quote insurance or any other service on a page that you do not find reliable.

To protect yourself, first of all, try to get to know the site, see if it seems trustworthy, the opinion of other users and the site's rules and policies.


It can be a little tiring to read the policy, however, it specifies the purpose for which your data will be used and whether it is secure.

Also see which partner brokers and insurance companies are, renowned companies help to provide more credibility, especially if they are accredited by SUSEP – Superintendence of Private Insurance, the company responsible for regulating the entire insurance sector in the country.

How to get car insurance?

The first step to taking out quality car insurance at an affordable price for your budget is to carry out extensive research.

In other words, contact as many insurance companies as possible and request quotes.


By doing this, you will be able to find the company that offers the service you need at the price or under conditions that you can afford.

Furthermore, as mentioned previously, it is important that you check with SUSEP whether this company operates in accordance with the laws.

After choosing a company based on its services, values ​​and recommendations, negotiate the benefits and payment terms.

If you agree with what is offered, to take out car insurance you simply need to sign the policy and make the payment.


It's worth saying that if you count on an experienced broker, this entire hiring process will be much faster and simpler.

Furthermore, a professional in the field will be able to help you define more precisely which coverages are really important for your profile, thus avoiding taking out unnecessary coverage.

If you pay attention to all these details, you will certainly not have any problems when getting your car insurance quotes and even hiring the service.

Remember that in the insurance quote it is mandatory to provide your CPF, but it will depend on you to analyze whether it will be used correctly or not by the company.


To do this, simply pay attention to the company's suitability and privacy policy.

Is it mandatory to inform CPF in the Insurance Quote?

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Is it mandatory to inform CPF in the Insurance Quote?


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Is it mandatory to inform CPF in the Insurance Quote?

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