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It's worth paying for the extra coverage
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Have you ever thought about having premium insurance by asking yourself questions like “If I want extra coverage on my car insurance, how much will I spend? It is worth it?” Now you can be sure that it's worth paying a little extra to have many advantages. Check it out!

Thinking about a common question for those who are going to take out car insurance, we asked for help from a broker to show in values ​​how much extra coverage in your insurance can cost and how it can compensate in many cases, as you can see by comparing the prices you would pay for each insurance.


According to Márcio, from the Insurance Industry, basically car insurance is only for the vehicle itself (hull). Third party insurance (RCF) and Passenger Personal Accident Insurance (APP) are normally included with car insurance and, therefore, we will not treat them as “extras”.

Average price of insurance for the Yamaha MT-07

If you want to know more about third-party car insurance, it's worth it, so you don't have any doubts!

From then on, he says, the most common extras are: various types of 24-hour assistance (towing, key fob, etc.), glass protection, headlights and flashlights, spare car, extraordinary expenses, vehicle hygiene and, in cases of car 0 km, replacement as “new value”.

These extras may be offered as a free benefit by the insurance company, but most of the time they are sold as additional coverage, allowing them to be included in the insurance according to each insured person's needs.


Therefore, it's worth finding out more about car insurance coverage 🙂

Premium insurance: it’s worth paying for the extra coverage

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See below some costs for an average car of these “extra” coverages:

24-hour assistance:

There are several plans, one more basic and others more sophisticated, covering various services such as home assistance, help desk, friendly driver, unlimited towing in the event of an accident, among others. In most insurance companies, the 24-hour assistance service includes mechanical and electrical assistance, which are very useful in an emergency.


In some insurance companies, basic 24-hour assistance is already included in the product, meaning there is no additional charge. Other more sophisticated products with more coverage, assistance and services, the cost can be from R$100.00 to R$300.00 on average.

To give you an idea, Allianz has these services and several extra coverages, some of which have a deductible or usage limit. On-site repair or towing after a breakdown has no deductible or limit for use during the term of the policy, whereas medical removal after an accident or fire has a deductible of 50km and a limit of R$1,000.00 per occurrence.

The advantage of having 24-hour assistance services is getting help in situations where you need it most. Think, for example, if your vehicle breaks down and is in an unknown location, it can take a long time to find help, but for those who have this type of coverage, with a call or even activating the service through the app, they can get help quickly. And even when the repair cannot be carried out on site, there is a tow truck that takes the car to a nearby workshop.

Another service that may be included, the friendly driver, is ideal for those who like to go out drinking and don't want to get behind the wheel. So, the insurance company sends you a driver to take you home safely, and the best part is that you save on taxi fares.


Protection of windows, headlights and taillights:

Another point is that the variation is large depending on the type of vehicle. Imported cars, with xenon headlights and special glass can pay quite significant prices. For an average car, additional coverage varies between R$150.00 and R$250.00.

The Associação Mais Vantagens do Brasil – AMV BRASIL, has this type of protection and front windshield protection for national vehicles costs R$ 5.99, while for imported vehicles it costs R$ 7.99. Anyone who opts for a package that includes glass for the front and rear windshields and side windows will pay R$9.99 for a domestic passenger vehicle and R$11.99 for an imported passenger vehicle. Those who want the most complete package with glass for the front and rear windshield, side windows, lights, rear view mirrors and headlights will pay R$ R$ 14.99 for national vehicles and R$ 16.99 for imported ones.

Many people may find this service unnecessary, but it is very useful. If by chance the vehicle suffers an attempted break-in and the glass is broken, the replacement could be much more expensive than the cost of the extra year-round coverage. Headlights and taillights have a greater risk of breaking and no matter how careful you are, they could touch a pillar during a maneuver or one car could touch another during congested traffic.


Backup car:

The range of backup car options (in case of a covered accident) is quite large. There are different categories of reserve cars, from the most basic one without air conditioning, to a luxury vehicle. Another factor that also influences is the coverage period, which can be 7, 15, 30 days and, in some cases, an indefinite period (until the repair is completed). The average cost varies from: R$30.00 to R$370.00.

In some cases, the insured may not have the option of a backup car, but the insurance company may provide a partnership with car rental companies that offer discounts on rentals. Itaú insurance Auto is one that has this benefit, despite also offering the reservation car for 15 days.

A backup car is one of the most sought after services and anyone who doesn't have this protection may end up having difficulty getting around in the absence of a car. If your car breaks down or is stolen, how will you get around? Those who are used to having their own car don't like it or don't even want to know how to use public transport, if they take a taxi it will end up being quite expensive and renting a car may not be cheap either. Renting one of the simplest models costs around R$60.00 per day, not counting fuel and other costs that may be included.


If you do the math, it's much more worthwhile to take out backup car coverage, so you don't have to depend on other types of transport and the cost is much more affordable.

Extraordinary expenses:

Additional funds for total loss claims. The cost of this coverage for an average car is around R$180.00. In fact, it serves to complement the compensation amount in cases of total loss, resulting in an extra amount being received. This can be used to compensate for losses and depreciation of the vehicle and also to cover bureaucratic costs.

It will guarantee a payment that corresponds to approximately 10% more of the vehicle's value, and its calculation will vary according to the model. It ends up being quite interesting because most insurance companies use the FIPE table to pay compensation in the event of a total loss, but this value is normally below the value sold by the market. In other words, if you try to buy a vehicle like yours without taking into account the extraordinary expenses, this can be a difficult task.


Quote the price of your Auto Insurance now!

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Furthermore, the cost of extraordinary expenses is well below the amount that will be received in excess of insurance without this type of additional, guaranteeing a greater reimbursement covering losses resulting from the loss of the vehicle.

Vehicle hygiene in case of flooding:

Widely used in large cities. The average value ranges from R$25.00 to R$45.00. However, when the insured person uses this service, it is necessary to pay attention to the limit it covers.

With cities growing in a haphazard way and intense rains, flooding is common and often catches us off guard. No matter how careful you are, the mechanical and electrical parts may not be damaged, but rainwater and river water can make a huge mess. In this case, the cleaning needs to be professional so that the bad smell goes away and the car is really clean. A complete cleaning like this can cost around R$800.00, much more than the R$45.00 charged on average for this coverage.


The best thing is that the insurance company has partnerships with companies specializing in cleaning, so in addition to keeping the car looking like new, you are guaranteed a good service.

Replacement in case of 0KM vehicle (New value):

For 12 months for an average car the cost is approximately R$230.00. Many insurance companies already guarantee payment of the full value of the new vehicle if a theft or theft occurs for a period of up to 6 months after purchasing the vehicle without there being any additional cost for this.

Imagine how bad it would be to have your new car stolen or stolen, the losses would be quite large, because when you leave the dealership, the devaluation is already around 20%. When you have replacement coverage for a 0km vehicle, the value for it is the list sales price, thus financial losses are reduced and you can buy a new vehicle with the compensation received, the same as the one you had.


The “extras” of car insurance in some cases do not influence the cost much and provide services that are more likely to be used, generating a greater perception of the benefits of taking out insurance. However, it is not possible to determine the value of the services and extra coverage without knowing exactly what they will be and which insurance company will offer them, since there is a wide variation in price between them.

The best way to know exactly what the possibilities of extras and their values ​​are is to request a personalized car insurance quote according to your needs.

It's worth paying for the extra coverage

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It's worth paying for the extra coverage



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It's worth paying for the extra coverage

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