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Kim Kardashian wants to get rid of Ye

It has been over a year since Kim Kardashian filed for divorce, but the reality star is still not officially divorced from Ye. And that while both have (had) new relationships. That may change this week.

“I really want to be divorced,” Kardashian wrote in new court documents at the end of February 2022. The couple has not been together for more than a year, but the rapper refuses to sign papers to make the divorce final.

 At first he hopes that they will reunite, but now it has turned into a public quarrel.


Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, shares various screenshots of text messages and text messages that he and Kardashian send each other on social media. Those messages are about the four children the couple has, but also about the safety of the reality star and her current partner Pete Davidson. 

Ye is not happy with his future ex-wife’s new relationship and calls on his fans several times to jeer the comedian. In addition, he shares all kinds of rumors about Davidson’s former relationship with Ariana Grande and accuses him of blackmailing her.

It creates an unsafe situation for Kardashian and Davidson, as can be read in personal messages she sends to Ye. The screenshots show that she has asked her ex to leave them alone. “It’s scary,” she writes of the fans yelling at Davidson. 

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When the comedian briefly returns to Instagram, the comments under his post are also immediately filled with fans of Ye.


Ye believes that Kardashian makes sure that he can barely see their four children. In addition, he regularly lashes out at his former in-laws on social media. With the messages Ye shares, Kardashian tries to underline the importance of a divorce in court:

the situation is not getting any better and it would be better for everyone if it was over.

Ye reacts remarkably: he claims that Kardashian cannot prove at all that the messages were posted by him. Therefore, the messages should not be used in court this week.

A year has passed, but still no divorce: Kim Kardashian wants to get rid of Ye

Kim Kardashian wants to get rid of Ye

Another problem is that Ye’s lawyers find it difficult to get in touch with him , will become clear in October 2021. Kardashian hopes this week through the courts to ensure that that does not have to be an issue anymore. The prenuptial agreement is clear and Kardashian has already bought Ye out of the joint home in Los Angeles. 

According to the reality star, a settlement can easily be reached about the rest of the 70 million dollars in shared goods.


Ye see it differently, as it turned out at the end of February. He has stated in court documents that the prenuptial agreement cannot be included because, according to his team of lawyers, they are not valid . Ye wants the terms discussed and weighed in a lawsuit, which in turn would further delay the divorce.

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The couple will share concerns about Psalm, Chicago, North and Saint, according to the first divorce papers. For the time being, nothing seems to have changed, although the question is whether the way Ye behaves now will make a difference.


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