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Kim Kardashian’s divorce petition

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, has filed an objection with his lawyer to his wife Kim Kardashian West’s divorce petition. The rapper does not want to sign for the divorce until his conditions have been officially put on paper, several American media outlets reported that they received the document.

For a while now, Kardashian West, as the reality star is still called, has only wanted her own last name back and single through life. Ye, however, wants his belongings, custody of the children and his money to be secured before he signs the papers. Ye’s lawyer is said to have already heard from Kardashian that she does not agree with this.

Kim Kardashian’s divorce petition

Kim Kardashian's divorce petition
Kim Kardashian’s divorce petition

In Ye and his lawyer’s petition, the rapper asks the court to deny Kardashian’s request because “the motion does not provide the necessary protection for an early termination of marital status”. For example, Ye argues for a so-called right of repayment, meaning that all the money the two owe each other is repaid when one of them dies.

 However, Kardashian’s lawyer has already announced that this will not happen, because this was not already agreed upon at the wedding.


After six years of marriage, Kardashian filed for divorce in February 2021. The two no longer live together, but the marriage has not yet been dissolved.

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