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Luísa Sonza surprises with conceptual show and new phase in the album Escândalo Íntimo
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After four months without going on stage, Luísa delivered a conceptual show this Sunday afternoon (03), presenting for the first time on stage to the public her new phase with the album ''Intimate Scandal''.

Stage became the real ''Scandal''

Luisa Sonza's show opened with the track “Escândalo Íntimo”, representing the artist's new look with the aim of presenting the public with the most “intimate” by Luisa. On the screen, excerpts from the clips appeared.'Strawberry Field'' It is ''Mostly I Feel Devastated''.

A super structure was set up, with references to his country life from the installation of a lawn on the stage. Furthermore, a huge ramp and a catwalk for the dancers and Luísa to pass was also on the stage.


When going up the stairs, the angry girl immediately faced the ramp and went from ''Carnage''. Precisely in the style that the song calls for, Luísa appeared on stage in a tank top, jeans and sunglasses. Escândalo Íntimo overcame barriers and reached the look of Luísa's band, which was dominated by the color red, the same color present in the artist's look

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Parading down the catwalk, at a certain point an introduction features the song ''Woman of the Year'', complete with a performance by Luísa and her dancers.

Mostly I Feel Devastated

After the performance of ''Braba'' and the interlude: Dão Errado (which marks a transition within the album), Luísa appears in a red dress and bare feet accompanied by her ballet, featuring a completely emotional performance on the Sky Line stage and reaffirming that she truly delivers on the concept.

Check out the video by clicking on the photo below:


Performance of ''Mainly Feeling Devastated''.  (Reproduction/Twitter: @infosluisasonza)

Performance of ''Principlamente Me Sinto Arrasada'' (Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@infosluisasonza)

At one point Luísa is left alone on stage, as a moment of introspection, reflecting her inner self. When watching, we remember interviews with Sonza, when she assumed that the tracks on Escândalo Íntimo actually represent fragments of a toxic relationship with herself, as well as the total exposure of her true emotions.

Check out the video by clicking on the photo below:

Luísa Sonza performs the song.  (Reproduction/Twitter: @Babi)

Luísa Sonza performs the song (Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@Babi)


From pop to Bossa Nova, MPB and Dona Aranha

Luísa Sonza proved her versatility by singing the song ''Luisa Mannequim'' by Portuguese MPB singer Abílio Manoel for the Sky Line stage. Another nuance adopted by the artist was the Bossa Nova genre when singing the track ''Chico'', a tribute to her boyfriend.

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Resembling the persona of ''Sitting'', Sonza, along with her ballet, engaged the audience with the sensual performance of Dona Aranha, who has only one thing among her demands: a strong knee. The song ''Dona Aranha'' was presented in a totally different way than probably a generation grew up listening to, featuring innovative choreography.

Check out the video by clicking on the photo below:

Luísa and ballet perform ''Dona Aranha''.  (Reproduction/Twitter:

Luísa and ballet perform ''Dona Aranha'' (Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@forumpandlr)

Cliff 2 and more

After having also made a special appearance on the Skyline stage in Demi Lovato's show, which performed this Saturday (02), Luísa once again left the audience euphoric by singing the new hit again ''Cliff 2''. It is worth highlighting that Luísa is the first national artist to sing with Demi Lovato – and also to have her sing in our language.


Furthermore, after the release of the iconic fusion of Baco and Luísa in ''Expensive Hotel'' in the year 2022, the duo reunited this time on the song ''Surreal'', adding another love song. The only detail was the absence of Baco on stage, however, the performance and vocals were still memorable, even featuring the interaction of Luísa Sonza and one of her dancers, who performed a romantic and engaging dance.

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Check out the video by clicking on the photo below:

Luísa sings ''Surreal'', a song with Baco Exu from Blues.  (Reproduction/Twitter @infosluisasonza)

Luísa sings ''Surreal'', a song with Baco Exu from Blues. (Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@infosluisasonza)

In addition to the tracks from Escândalo Íntimo, the artist kept some of her biggest hits in the setlist, such as “Puppies“, “Sitting“, ''Braba” It is ''Anaconda''with Mariah Angeliq,''Breakfast'' with the singer Ludmilla and also ''TURBO MODE'', collab with Anitta and Pabllo Vittar.


Tribute to Marília Mendonça

Luísa Sonza did not leave the song out of her repertoire with Marília Mendonça, the queen of suffering. Even before singing ''Better Alone'', the singer said beautiful words about her partner: ''This song is a tribute to a very special person who is part of all of our lives, not just mine. Who is one of the greatest artists in this country, in this world… and who enchanted and brightened this country, and who changed Brazilian music in an unparalleled way.''

And then he added: ''I want you to sing this one together, loudly if you know how, by Marília Mendonça''. Soon after, Luísa began an exciting performance, with the screen featuring excerpts from the clip in which Luísa Sonza and Marília Mendonça sang together.

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Check out the video by clicking on the photo below:

Luísa pays tribute to Marília Mendonça.  (Reproduction/Twitter @siteptbr)

Luísa pays tribute to Marília Mendonça (Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@siteptbr)


Tribute to Rita Lee

As a tribute to Rita Lee, Luísa ended the concert with a reinterpretation of the song ''Perfume Launcher'' by Rita Lee, with the version titled ''Spear Girl''. The highlight of the performance was the moment when Luísa came down from the stage to interact with the fans.

Climbing on the security guard's back, Luísa walked through the bars of the room while singing the song. After passing through all the corners, the artist returns to the stage and says: ''I love you!'', followed by his farewell to the stage.

Check out the video by clicking on the photo below:

Luísa Sonza says goodbye to the sound of ''Lança Menina''.  (Reproduction/Twitter @infosluisasonza)

Luísa Sonza says goodbye to the sound of ''Lança Menina'' (Photo: Reproduction/Twitter/@infosluisasonza)


The show ends successfully with several sparks, in addition to Luísa Sonza's band that concluded the concert, showing a spectacle in itself.

The new phase with ''Intimate Scandal'' shows that Luísa is capable of moving through all musical styles, configuring her as an artist with several facets. Therefore, it ends up not being news to anyone that the chances of launching an international career end up becoming increasingly higher, especially after the latest release with Demi Lovato.

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Featured photo: Luísa Sonza. Reproduction/Twitter/@UpdateLuisa


Luísa Sonza surprises with conceptual show and new phase in the album Escândalo Íntimo

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Luísa Sonza surprises with conceptual show and new phase in the album Escândalo Íntimo

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