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Zeeba launches 'Tudo aocontra', the artist's first album in Portuguese
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Initially, this Friday (18), the 29-year-old singer Zeeba released his new work, being the artist's first album in Portuguese, titled “Everything backwards “, which is now available on digital platforms. His songs have a mix of indie pop and Brazilian sounds, and contain his first forays into the Portuguese language.

Watch the clip:


The clip Everything to the Contrary. (Video: Reproduction/Youtube).

Owner of famous hits such as “Hear Me Now” It is “Never Let Me Go”, The album contains 10 tracks and some partnerships such as Mallu Magalhães, OUTROEU, Nanno and Mistaa Mike. The singer brought versatility to an eclectic album and commented:

“…There's a mix of my indie and foreign side along with Brazilianities like in “Amarelo e Vermelho”. I got together with some people from the new MPB too, there are several partnerships. It has a more indie rock side. In the first song, there's reggae, there's Nanno who has this kind of hip-hop, rap presence…”.

The post about the album Tudo ao Contrario. (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram).

Zeeba was born in San Diego, in the United States. His parents are Brazilian and he moved with his family to São Paulo when he was 2 years old. However, he returned to his home country to study at the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.


The singer talked about the challenge he had in singing Portuguese, “It was a huge challenge to sing in Portuguese for me, as I learned music abroad…, but I think that Portuguese, very beautiful, more rhythmic, gives us unique poetic opportunities”.

He also reported that he is inspired by many singers such as Cássia Eller, Charlie Brown Jr, Jorge Ben Jor and artists of the new generation such as Jovem Dionísio, Gilson, Lagum, he commented on the singers, praising Marina Sena and Glória Groove.

However, Zeeba is preparing to debut the show to promote her new album “Everything backwards” next month and commented about looking forward to his in-person show which revealed the date and location: “It is already scheduled for April 7th, at the B32 theater, in São Paulo”. He revealed that the show will have a cool dynamic through interaction with fans and took the opportunity to say that it will be a show with songs completely written by him and without covers.

Finally, the singer said that his album brings reflections, positivity and love: “These last few years have been very reflective, but I want people to listen and feel good, optimistic and present. I think that's the overall message of the album. There’s love, there’s reflections on life.” And the singer finished “And I think we always have to follow our dream and believe, be happy. I think this is always the message I want to convey in my songs and the album is no different.”


Featured Photo: Zeeba. Reproduction/Instagram.

Zeeba launches 'Tudo aocontra', the artist's first album in Portuguese

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Zeeba launches 'Tudo aocontra', the artist's first album in Portuguese

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