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MadJack Mullet: The Shooter That Even Jedi Suffer
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Those fast shooters! Remember the good old days of Doom, where you ran frantically through pixelated corridors, dispatching demons like there was no tomorrow?

Well, get ready for a level of frenzy that would make even Doom Guy need a breather. I'm talking about Mullet MadJacka game that looks like it was conceived while overdosing on espresso and 80s anime movies.

Absurd Speed ​​Boomer Shooter

If you think traditional shooters like Call of Duty are fast-paced, think again. Mullet MadJack It's so fast it makes retirees on coffee promotion day look like slugs.

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Hammer95 Studios really outdid himself by creating an ode to chaos and speed. This game is a mix of anime, shooting and speed that not only pays homage to classics but also Akira It is Ghost in the Shellbut it also challenges the logic and sanity of those who play it.


Game Mechanics: Absurd Speed ​​and Guaranteed Frustration

In Mullet MadJack, levels last a mere 30 to 50 seconds, and you must kill each enemy in less than 10 seconds or simply explode. Yes, you read that right. Explode. And, to make everything even more fun, the levels connect in blocks of ten. Died at level 15? Go back to level 11 and try again. That simple. Or rather, insane like that.

Armament and Strategy

Your default weapon is quite effective, but you can upgrade your arsenal with katanas, shotguns, uzis and plasma rifles. Oh, and don't forget to push enemies into traps like fans and electrical panels to gain extra time. After all, they're just robots, so who cares, right?

Visual Style: A Journey through Time with Color

The graphics of Mullet MadJack are a feast for the eyes, especially if you love the style boomer shooter. Instead of polygonal characters, you have huge sprites and a vibrant color palette that looks like it came straight out of a comic book. Add a dash of cyberpunk and some analogue effects, and you've got a look that's both nostalgic and modern.

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The graphics of Mullet MadJack are a true journey through time, reminiscent of classics from the MSX era, such as Snatcher. The pixelated aesthetic and vibrant design evoke powerful nostalgia, transporting players back to the golden days of the 80s. I miss my Gradiente Expert, sniff.


With huge sprites and a garish color palette that appears to have been inspired directly from Konami game cartridges, it's clear that whoever created this game spent countless hours immersed in the MSX universe. It would be no surprise to discover that developers spent night after night exploring the worlds of their favorite classics, dreaming of creating something just as iconic.

The Overall Experience

Mullet MadJack It's a frantic and fun shooter, but with a warning: take regular breaks. Play for too long and your neurons can end up frying more than potatoes in oil. The combination of absurd speed, Jedi-like reflexes, and an 80s aesthetic makes this game a pleasant surprise in a genre that many thought was exhausted.


  • Frenetic speed that would make Sonic look like a turtle
  • Nostalgic homages to anime classics
  • Unique visual style that mixes old and new
  • Diversity of weapons and upgrades that keep the game interesting


  • Can be frustrating for those who don't have Jedi reflexes
  • Steep learning curve like climbing Mount Everest backwards
  • Some players may find the “eighties” aesthetic a bit too much
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Rating: 9/10 – Because sometimes quick insanity is the best form of fun.

If you are a lover of shooters and 80s culture, Mullet MadJack It's the game you didn't know you needed. With your quick reflexes and taste for everything that is over-the-top, you'll find great pleasure in shouting “it's Mullet Time” as you dispatch robotic enemies to the digital graveyard. And who knows, maybe even the PC Master Race masters will admit that sometimes a little fast and furious chaos is just what we need.


MadJack Mullet: The Shooter That Even Jedi Suffer

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MadJack Mullet: The Shooter That Even Jedi Suffer


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