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Making A Living Online – Week after week, we prove it to you a little more: making money on the internet is possible. Of course, there are easy ways to do this, but in general, the easier it is to get paid, the less money you earn. Because in fact, the actions requested the fastest bring back only a few cents (it is therefore necessary to multiply them so that it becomes interesting).

Making A Living Online

If your ambition is to make a living from the web, read on. This article is about a solution that requires real involvement on your part to generate regular income: working from home . The advantages of working at home are numerous and particularly appreciable: a better comfort of life, financial and personal freedom, etc. It’s for all these reasons that more and more people are doing it every year, so why not you? ( make money online in 2022)

We first give you 5 tips that we hope will allow you to experience the success you deserve in 2021. Then, this article continues with the explanation in more detail of a serious idea to live concretely thanks to internet: keep your own blog / site.

5 tips for successful online activities

1. Choose a job that suits you (Making A Living Online)

choose from your job suits, Making A Living Online

To consider working from home for the long term, choosing an activity that is truly right for you is essential. In the first place, you must therefore turn to a profession that you know how to do or, failing that, that you can learn easily (because you have a good foundation). Ideally, the job in question should be able to motivate and animate you on a daily basis.

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The idea of ​​training and obtaining new skills remains possible with the help of all the MOOCs that now exist (Massive Open Online Course: online training open to all). However, self-study can take a very long time. And this time, you may not have much (you are probably looking to make money ASAP).


Either way, always start by thinking about your personal abilities . Depending on your know-how and your expectations, you will have more or less jobs at your fingertips. We are already showing you a number of them in our Work from Home category . There is probably an idea for you.

2. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket (Making A Living Online)

different opportunities

This advice seems obvious … yet too many people working at home fail to progress or become discouraged quickly because of this mistake. “Putting all your eggs in one basket” by registering for a single service platform (writing, translation, etc.) is risky.

To make a living from your work, you need to build up a clientele. You should know that each website has its own customer base, with a variable number of offers depending on the branch of activity concerned. In addition, depending on the time of year, the importance of the offers to be honored also varies from one site to another. Sell ​​yourself on as many different websites as possible so you don’t miss out on any opportunity to make money.

If you are starting out as a webmaster, creating several blogs / sites will increase your chances of making ends meet and then making it your full-time job by monetizing them. In addition, if ever one of your achievements encounters a technical problem or suffers a downgrade on search engines, having several sources of income can be essential. (Making A Living Online)

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You will understand, in 2021, it is difficult to make a living on the internet without putting the package in terms of visibility. To develop it, do not hesitate to use discussion forums, social networks, etc. as often as possible.


3. Your goals must be clear ( make money online in 2022)

To achieve your goals, set concrete and specific goals. They must be costed and planned over time for more efficiency.

Getting a salary from the web may not in itself be the only goal to achieve. All the same, try to plan for a realistic monthly income (500 € within 6 months, 1000 € within 12 months and so on …). Be careful, not all the money you will earn will come back to you directly. Being self-employed means being subject to significant charges: pension contributions, various and varied social contributions, health insurance, etc.

Plan ahead and always keep in mind the existence of these charges. Fortunately, to start in good conditions, there is the status of auto-entrepreneur . This status of “micro-entrepreneur” simplifies the procedures and offers a simplified tax and social system. This is why most self-employed workers declare themselves to be self-employed at the start of their career. (Making A Living Online)

Among the other goals to be achieved, there is one that is essential: to build up a professional network . Multiplying contacts also means increasing the chances of obtaining missions. In this regard, you should know that working from home is mainly based on the sale of services between professionals: B2B (Business to Business). For example, having an active account on the professional online social network LinkedIn is a good idea to gain more notoriety.


Making A Living Online

4. Be organized

By being organized, it is easier to be successful in making a living on the internet. Maintaining concentration at home is not always easy with all the existing sources of distraction. Being alone does not make the task easy: you have to impose a certain discipline on yourself so as not to be disorganized.

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Good organization often goes hand in hand with real motivation. Keeping your schedule allows you to satisfy your customers and therefore make a living from your work .

Knowing how to organize also requires actions to control one’s activity. Understand by this that it is necessary to constantly monitor its evolution, whether the turnover is increasing or decreasing. It is then possible to correct or improve certain aspects of your activity if necessary. To manage your accounting, there is a plethora of comprehensive online services available at all rates. Check your finances at least once a month to see things clearly.

For the work of webmaster, many tools exist to help you. The Google Analytics tool , for example, gives the possibility of monitoring the performance of its website or blog for free. Use the statistics provided to establish your business strategy. (Making A Living Online)


In summary, if you want to be successful, stay focused and never work blind. When you are self-employed, our reputation depends a lot on our organization.

5. Stay curious

The Internet is constantly evolving. A true technological feat, this global computer network never sleeps. Whether you are starting out in providing services, blogging or selling products, your market will change regularly. This feature is not necessarily a disadvantage, because it is also synonymous with the appearance of new opportunities.

Curiosity is a quality that can earn a lot of money . How? ‘Or’ What ? On the one hand, you don’t find yourself overwhelmed by events. On the other hand, you will understand the techniques that work and you will reproduce them in your turn. This is why you must stay attentive to the news of your industry to profit from it. The opening of a new networking website, a new law, innovative software … are all changes that it is interesting to know in order to benefit your job at home.

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Living on the internet by running your own blog or website

blog, Making A Living Online

We now invite you to read our detailed explanations on how to launch your own site. Unlike our 17 tips for making ends meet, blogging allows you to earn enough income to support yourself. ( make money online in 2022)

Starting a blog can seem complicated without experience. However, in 2021, becoming a blogger or webmaster is within everyone’s reach. You just need to be motivated to start, and to use the many tools that already exist to make your job easier. Among them is WordPress, the software that powers 41% of the web . Depending on your needs, this content management system is free to download, or paid for with all-inclusive plans. Without knowledge, you will find yourself running your own blog with just a few clicks.


The first essential step before you start is researching a topic. It must interest you and inspire you enough to make you want to talk about it on the web. If you are passionate about the topic of your blog, you will stay motivated to keep it alive for as long as possible. (Making A Living Online)

When the technical part is established and the subject defined, you will have to find sources of remuneration. No worries on this point either, they are legion these days. Here are the 4 main ones:

  • Earn money per click with Google Adsense: we all know the Google search engine. You’ve certainly used it to get on AFRILATEST. Beyond its well-known search engine, the Google group, whose parent company is called Alphabet, manages among others Gmail, the Chrome browser .and Google Adense to monetize its site . You add a few lines of codes provided by Google and the rest will be done automatically. Advertisements will be integrated into your content and will report with each click on them.
  • Distribute affiliate campaigns: being paid for performance on the internet is also a way to fill your bank account. With a high traffic on your blog, each visitor becoming a prospect or customer brings a more or less substantial sum which has been agreed beforehand with the advertiser.
  • Sell ​​products or services: if the informative pages you have written coincide with the sale of products or services, it would be a shame to forgo this additional financial windfall. Clothing, decorative items, virtual products (photos, videos, lessons, ebooks, etc.) … anything that is legal can be sold on the internet .
  • Become an influencer for brands: this combination is very fashionable now. It works with a blog, but mostly thanks to social networks Instagram and TikTok . The practice consists of establishing partnerships with brands aiming to highlight their products, against euros. In this way, certain influencers manage to succeed, and become rich, by becoming ambassadors for brands in their communities. We tell you about it here . (Making A Living Online)
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In conclusion

A few years ago, some people managed to make a lot of money on the internet. To tell the truth, it was not very complicated, because it was enough to make an unspecified site then to put some advertisements there to gain significant sums. But those days are over and the web professions have become more professional. Competition is much more present today: it is the quality of its services that makes all the difference in 2021 .

Do not be discouraged, stand out and gain your financial independence with the 5 tips we just gave you. Although working from home is no longer a myth these days , it takes effort to make a living from it.

SUCCESS ( Ready to make money online in 2022)

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