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MC Ryan SP hires more security guards after escaping robbery

In the early hours of February 1st, MC Ryan SP suffered an attempted robbery at his mansion in Mogi das Cruzes, in Greater São Paulo. After the scare, he explained what happened and said that he was saved by one detail.

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“A very serious mess happened, guys. Yesterday, in the early hours of the morning, here in my condominium, some criminals jumped into the house of one of my neighbors. And on their way there, they put the people hostage in the car and came to my house”, began the funk singer, who celebrated his birthday the following day.

“Their objective, according to what the condominium went through, was that they wanted to come into the house,” he continued. According to Ryan, the fact that his security guards were armed made the attackers change their minds. “And he didn't enter my house because I'm safe, you know my security guards are 'creepy' [armados]and they didn’t ‘poke’ into my house to steal my stuff,” he said.

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In fact, speaking of security professionals, he hired five more to stay at the door of his house, guarding him. Through his Instagram stories this Wednesday, February 14th, MC Ryan SP introduced the new security guards.

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In the video in question, in short, they appeared from behind and showing the weapons they use in the field to carry out their work. They were finally installed and positioned in front of the funk player's mansion, who hopes not to suffer the same scare again.

Another version of the robbery at MC Ryan SP's mansion

The musician showed a message sent by another person. “They took Ronaldo's car and went around the condominium saying they were going to MC Ryan's house, but after a while they came back… On the cameras they appear to be passing by Ryan's house, but they didn't stop because at his house there are always security guards there. at the front”, said the text.

The conversation also reported that security guards fired shots to ward off the bandits, however, it is not known whether anyone was injured. “The standard security guard saw the bandits and fired shots, there is blood in the woods and they don’t know if it was from the shots or if they were cut on the fence.”

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Finally, the singer gave a warning to the robbers. “You are crazy? To enter a condominium you have to be 'a good friend', because you have to be very appetizing to enter a condominium and steal, you know? And you still want to be an adventurer and enter other people’s homes that you don’t know?”

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MC Ryan SP hires more security guards after escaping robbery

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