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Meet the Confirmed Characters of Fatal Fury: City of The Wolves

In the vibrant universe of fighting games, few franchises weave such a rich and complex tapestry of stories and characters as the saga of “Fatal Fury”. With the arrival of the newest title in the series, “Fatal Fury: City of The Wolves”, we present the confirmed characters who will star in this new adventure. Each fighter, with their journey and motivations, adds a layer of depth to the world they inhabit, intertwining destinies and revealing conflicts that transcend the ring. Among the emblematic figures stand out Rock Howard, Terry Bogard, Hotaru Futaba, Tizoc It is Fill in. Their narratives define their paths and connect the past to the present, challenging them to face truths and challenges. We explore the stories of these characters, unraveling the ties that unite them and the secrets they seek to uncover, marking their presence in “Fatal Fury: City of The Wolves”.

ROCK HOWARD Voiced by Griffin Puatu in English and Yuma Uchida in Japanese, Rock is the son of Geese Howardhaving been created by Terry Bogard. He dresses in a jacket coveted by fighting game enthusiasts, symbolizing his complex heritage and the conflicts he faces. Under Terry's care, Rock leads a new life until he is confronted by an enemy who reveals secrets from his past and the possibility that his mother is alive. With these revelations, Rock seeks his own path, willing to fight for it.


TERRY BOGARD With the voices of Michael Schneider in English and Takashi Kondo in Japanese, Terry is a legendary figure in South Townknown as the Legendary Hungry Wolf. After a fight marked by revenge against Geese Howard, Terry adopts Rock, maintaining a close relationship until they are separated by a tournament. Continuing his journey into street fighting, news of an upcoming martial arts tournament, the “KOF”promises Terry a new destiny.

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HOTARU FUTABA Played by Suzie Yeung in English and Manaka Iwami in Japanese, Hotaru is a young woman tirelessly searching for her missing brother after the death of her mother. Her path crosses with a person who looks a lot like him, although she denies any connection. Not giving up, Hotaru remains determined to face this enigmatic figure, embarking once again on a journey into the unknown.

TIZOC Voiced by Jalen K. Cassell in English and Hikaru Hanada in Japanese, Tizoc is an iconic force of justice who returns to the ring. Initially retired, the support of children motivates him to return to the fight and his community. He is dedicated to inspiring one young fan in particular, preparing for a fight that promises to be more intense than any that have come before.

FILL IT OUT Voices by Mia Paige in English and Chika Anzai in Japanese mark Preecha as a scientist dedicated to the study of ki, spiritual energy. Favorite student of the legendary Muay Thai fighter, Joe Higashi, she combines her martial skill with academic goals. Although she hates pain, she is ready to face it if it means advancing her research into unique styles of martial arts.


As we explore the stories of Rock Howard, Terry Bogard, Hotaru Futaba, TizocIt is Fill in, we realized that “Fatal Fury: City of The Wolves” presents itself as a vibrant addition to the saga, introducing a new layer of narrative complexity and challenges. Each character contributes a unique piece to the Fatal Fury legacy, ready to be explored by fans and newcomers alike. Expectations grow about how their stories will interconnect and what new chapters will unfold in the Fatal Fury universe. Get ready for this new adventure, where past and present collide, challenging each fighter to transcend their limits and engrave their name in history.

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Meet the Confirmed Characters of Fatal Fury: City of The Wolves

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