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Miriam blackmails again, but Sérgio reacts

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Her evil, however, will continue with its days numbered, because Sérgio will launch a counterattack, in Elas Por Elas.


The villain will first use the fact that she knows that the rich man is Isis's father (Rayssa Bratillieri), the result of a chance meeting he had with Adriana (Thalita Carauta) 25 years ago.

Humiliated, when Marcos (Luan Argollo) learned that he is the biological heir of the family, the scoundrel will return to the penthouse, to try to blackmail Sérgio in the same way as in previous times.

“I saw the results of the DNA test. The clinic card was in your wallet! With the password and everything. You were already smarter. It was very easy this time”, he will say.

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“You didn’t do that, Miriam”, he will react, in shock. Then, Miriam will embark on yet another blackmail: “With a phone call to Isis I can ruin your reputation once and for all”, she will threaten.


Then, the villain will threaten: “Does Jonas already know? And Helena? What will she do when she finds out that you had a daughter with Adriana?”, she will continue.

Helena, sister of Isis! They'll hate knowing this. And they will hate you.”

Finally, full of irony, Miriam will continue threatening the rich man. Likewise, she will imagine how much his life could be harmed if everyone became aware.

Elas Por Elas: How Sérgio will get rid of blackmail

Angry, Sérgio will lose his patience. However, he will undeniably be afraid of the Machiavellian blackmailer. Miriam, in turn, will continue.

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“You are like Our Lady of Fátima with her three secrets: exchanging baby ones; the real paternity of Helena's son was Bruno; and your daughter with Adriana”, the bandit will provoke.

Therefore, Sérgio will question how much she wants to remain silent: “Enough! What do you want, Miriam? How much?”, the founder of the cosmetics company will ask.

Little sister breaks the mood

At this moment, the two will be surprised by Maninha (Regina Antonini). The housekeeper will arrive from the market with the purchases and will be shocked to see that the villain has returned to the family residence.

Elas Por Elas: Jonas breaks up with Adriana after discovering Isis' paternity


Sérgio, in turn, will ask the employee to leave, so that he can resume the “negotiation”: “I still want the same thing as before, my love: to marry you”, he will say to 171.

“Well, I have an irrefutable proposal to make to you. Let’s go to the office”, Sérgio will say. “I felt professionalism!”, she will celebrate. “You will have what you were looking for”, he will confirm, in a mysterious tone.

A few minutes later, Sérgio will appear leaving his office alone, carrying a bucket of reddish water. Once again, he will be scared by Maninha.

Remember Sérgio's reaction when he found out that Marcos knew Isis


“What were you doing with the bucket and cloth from the office?”, she will ask, finding the situation strange.

“Oh! I… spilled wine on the floor”, he will respond, somewhat disconcerted. “And Míriam, has she already gone?”, Maninha will ask. “Already. We had a definitive conversation”, he will say.

After cleaning the office, Sérgio will be alone, enjoying a glass of whiskey, when he receives a call from Fagundes (Anthony Tabet), his hired criminal, who, little does he know, had jumped to Miriam's side.

“Everything is fine”, Fagundes will advise. “Excellent! At least this time I'm sure it's over, forever”, Sérgio will respond.


Miriam blackmails again, but Sérgio reacts

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