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Marthina Brandt

Miss Brazil director Marthina Brandt celebrated Julia Gama’s second place in Miss Universe 2020, announced last Sunday . Brandt has been in office for 1 year and has already been reaping the rewards he has sown.

Marthina’s proposal when taking office was to “revolutionize” the contest. She changed the whole team, currently made up of Brazilian and foreign professionals from the fashion universe, who had no connection to Miss Brazil. In a conversation with the magazine Quem, Marthina talked about the modernization of the beauty contest:

“The proposal we have is very different from everything that has been carried out. I didn’t want people with addictions, who had that same look for the contest. I wanted to put people on my team from other areas, who didn’t have that pre-formed concept of miss and that they could bring new ideas “, he said.


She also remembered when she won Miss Brazil, in 2015, where she was considered a landmark in the contest for going against the standards of makeup, hair and way of dressing a miss..

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Marthina said she was the second miss to wear a suit instead of a dress to receive the long-dreamed crown: “There are people who say that I was a game changer, that they have the contest before me and after me. Really the girls have changed a lot.

I was the first to wear straight hair in the official photos. judged and had a certain group of haters stronger at the beginning. I also wore jeans in engagements instead of the standard glitter dress.

I had very different characteristics from the girls who used to win the contest. I had a career in the fashion world, lived outside the Brazil and I used to dress differently. I entered the contest with the idea of ​​breaking this traditio.




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