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Monique Alfradique exalts self-love in Elas Por Elas

On stage, as personal trainer Erika, Monique Alfradique He has been experiencing pains of love since the beginning of Elas Por Elas. And redemption still seems to be moving at a slow pace, even now that the plot – originally shown on Globo in 1982 – heads towards the final stretch.

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In the rereading of Alessandro Marzon It is Thereza Falcao, Monique highlights the importance of the character in terms of self-love and empowerment.

“I built very important relationships. Érica’s journey is one of self-love and knowledge. That maxim that before loving anyone… we live in speech, we always listen, but in the plot this happened in practice. She overcame an abusive relationship,” he said. Monique.

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The 37-year-old actress highlighted the moment that most marked her career so far in the soap opera: “I remember the sequence in which she suffers an accident after discovering her husband's betrayal. In a way, Erika ended up going through this situation so she could open her eyes and understand the situation she found herself in. Thus, she managed to distance herself from that relationship and found strength, showing that yes, it is possible.”

It's difficult, but it is possible to turn things around even if you are leaving a relationship that there are a lot of false relationships and it is possible to leave.

For Monique Alfradique, situations like this depend on patience: “Often people don’t have the strength to leave an abusive relationship. You need to have a lot of patience, as well as support from friends and family. Because when you are in the relationship, it is much more difficult to identify and recognize. It's hard to break ties. Érica had her time to mature this. And, above all, look at yourself, take care of yourself.”


Will Erika 'betray' her sister?

The actress highlighted, however, that the character's current love story is another saga, as Rico (Pedro Caetano) is the ex of her sister, Renée (Maria Clara Spinelli).

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“She already has a relationship to depend on her sister, right? The journey of self-love wasn’t enough… Maria and I built a solid relationship off-screen and this undoubtedly carried over into the scenes”, he highlighted. Monique.

We have a great affinity, we talk to each other about scenes about the story. We came together and we always had a lot of truth. Érica is distressed and doesn't feel comfortable about lying to her sister. They always supported each other.”


But, after all, will Renee find out?

Second Alfradique, Erika will tell her sister the truth: “She is suffering, she will tell. And Renée has already turned the page, right? She is increasingly taking care of Wagner (Cesar Melo), who in turn is redeeming himself. All of this alleviates a little this distress of Erika and Rico taking over the relationship”, detailed the actress.

After the soap opera, the actress will have little time to rest: “I will only have a few days of vacation, because I'm already making changes to the program I'm going to present about beaches”, she revealed.

“I presented Mestres do Sabor, here on Globo, I was more focused on the tests. Now, it’s a more dynamic program, in which I can have more freedom”, she said, finally.


Monique Alfradique exalts self-love in Elas Por Elas

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