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Motorcycle insurance price list | Price
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Check out some values ​​in the motorcycle insurance price table and use them to compare with your motorcycle insurance quotes. Honda, Yamaha or other brands.

Motorbikes are a widely used means of transport in cities, as they allow for quick movement and are cheaper than cars.


This causes automakers to invest in different models and sales of this type of vehicle are high. In 2019 alone, more than 1 million motorcycles were sold.

The issue is that because it has a more affordable cost, many people end up not worrying about protecting this asset and when a problem occurs, they will think about it, however, it may already be too late, as the damage will have already occurred.

One of the ways to avoid this type of problem is with protection for the XJ6, CB Twister 2020, PCX 2019 and othersand to find out more about the cost, consulting a motorcycle insurance price table can be a good option.

Motorcycle insurance price list

Why have motorcycle insurance?

Taking out motorcycle insurance is an idea that doesn't even cross many people's minds, however, when you begin to understand the importance and benefits it can bring, this thought changes.


One of the reasons for taking out motorcycle insurance is the possibility of choosing which coverage will be contracted, as this way you will have a product tailored to your needs.

how to get a quote online and save

As the biggest concerns are against theft and assault, there are motorcycle insurance that only offer this type of coverage to protect motorcycles Honda, Yamaha and others. Those who are afraid of being involved in an accident can add to the collision.

There are also other protection options that can be included in the insurance to leave you with exactly what you need. It is important to check the options with each vehicle insurance companysuch as Suhai Insurance, Porto Seguro Moto, Allianz Seguro, HDI Seguros, MAPFRE, Tokio Marine, among others.

Another reason that may justify taking out insurance is the 24-hour assistance service, as it allows you to request mechanical, electrical, locksmith and other assistance. This way, you won't need to call a friend or stand on the street for hours without knowing who to turn to.


Finally, we can mention financial issues. One motorcycle insurance It has a very affordable price and can be paid in installments, so it doesn't burden the budget. See the options offered by insurance companies, such as Suhai motorcycle insurance, Porto Seguro motorcycle and others.

In addition to being cheap, it helps cover damages that may occur to the vehicle and avoid losses to property. For example, if the motorcycle is stolen and not found, the motorcycle insurance company will pay compensation corresponding to the value of the vehicle.

If you didn't have insurance, in addition to being without the motorcycle you would also have a financial loss due to losing the asset. So that's one way to ride your bike XJ6, CB Twister 2020, PCX 2019, among others, around the city with peace of mind.

Check the motorcycle insurance price list

After knowing all this information about motorcycle insurance, it's time to start finding out about the prices.


To help you, we have put together a motorcycle insurance price table with some examples of quotes made by other drivers.

Simulate the price of your car insurance on our form.

Questions about the car consortium

Although values ​​vary, whether due to the motorcycle price listdriver profile, property inspection and others, It is a database for those who are getting information and can plan their budget.

Model Driver profile Location Price
CITY Sedan LX 1.5 Flex 16V 4p Aut. 2020 Female, 53 years old São Paulo R$ 1,654.75
NXR 160 BROS ESDD FLEXONE 2020 Female, 34 years old Bahia R$ 1,096.98
Ninja Zx-10/ Zx-10R 1000Cc/30Th Aniv. 2020 Male, 55 years old Paraná R$ 3,969.02
TIGER 800 XCX 2020 Male, 56 years old Minas Gerais BRL 2,477.62
CG 160 FAN Flex 2020 Male, 22 years old Mato Grosso R$ 1,234.13
Xtz 250 Lander 249Cc/Lander Blueflex/Abs 2020 Male, 32 years old Federal District R$ 1,598.49
PCX 150/DLX 2020 Female, 45 years old Rio Grande do Sul R$ 1,107.96
Fz25 250 Fazer Flex 2020 Male, 28 years old Maranhão R$ 1,160.44
STREET TRIPLE 765 RS 2020 Female, 47 years old Santa Catarina R$ 1,711.80
Mt-07/Mt-07 Abs 689Cc 2020 Female, 49 years old Mato Grosso do Sul BRL 2,275.81
Nmax 160 2020 Male, 52 years old Rio de Janeiro R$ 1,935.93
Mt-03 321/Abs 2019 Male, 61 years old Rio de Janeiro R$ 1,032.28
Cb 500F 2019 Male, 43 years old Rondônia BRL 2,277.81
R 1200 Gs Rallye 2019 Male, 46 years old Acre BRL 3,771.35
NINJA 400 2019 Male, 36 years old Santa Catarina R$ 2,644.37
HAOJUE DK 150 2019 Paraíba R$ 1,170.00
Xj6 N/Abs 2018 Male, 47 years old Paraná R$ 2,090.66
Cg 125 Fan / Fan Ks / 125 I Fan 2018 Male, 21 years old Pernambuco R$ 1,374.93
XRE 300/ 300 ABS/ FLEX 2018 Male, 44 years old Paraná R$ 1,080.96
HONDA XRE 190 2018 large northern river R$ 2,450.00
F 800 Gs Nac. Gas. 2017 Male, 43 years old Minas Gerais R$ 4,568.84
Ybr 150 Factor Ed 2017 Male, 27 years old São Paulo R$ 1,560.40
VULCAN S 650 2017 Male, 40 years old Minas Gerais R$ 1,481.80
Yzf R3 321 2016 Female, 31 years old São Paulo R$ 1,749.08
Mt 07 689Cc 2016 Female, 32 years old Minas Gerais R$ 1,873.91
CB500X 2016 Male, 50 years old São Paulo R$ 1,367.18
S 1000 Rr 2016 Female, 37 years old Minas Gerais R$ 3,241.01
Ninja 300 2016 Rio de Janeiro BRL 2,722.57
Xt 660 Z Tenere Nac Gas 2015 Male, 42 years old Minas Gerais BRL 3,777.05
Mt 09 850Cc 2015 Male, 42 years old Santa Catarina R$ 1,719.29
CB 650F 2015 Paraná BRL 3,520.46
Sportster 883 N Iron Gas 2014 Female, 65 years old Minas Gerais R$ 1,308.81
Cbr 500R 2014 Male, 58 years old Paraná R$ 3,496.40

After checking the motorcycle insurance price list and getting an idea of ​​the prices, ask for a personalized quote to take out your insurance.

Porto Seguro Auto Consortium -

Furthermore, it is important to know that the tables above contain values ​​from various insurance companies, such as Allianz, insurance Suhai, Porto Seguro, MAPFRE and others.

Not to mention that the price is not only influenced by the value that is in Fipe motorcycle tablebut also based on the insured's profile, among others.

Consider simulate insurance in a personalized way here at to find out how much it costs to protect your asset!


How to save on motorcycle insurance?

See how you can save by choosing insurance wisely and taking some precautions.

  • Choose the right coverage for your motorcycle, don't just think about the prices, but about what will be useful. On the other hand, do not include everything that is offered, as this attitude can increase costs.
  • Ask for several quotes, as this way you will have access to varied proposals from different insurance companies. With the information in hand you can compare the options, see which ones offer the best advantages and with the motorcycle prices more attractive.
  • Get the help of a broker, as this professional can help you during your search with valuable tips. He will also provide support with all the procedures, so you don't make mistakes.
  • Consider the best franchise according to your risks. In some cases it may be more advantageous to pay a higher premium, as this can be paid in installments and make the deductible cheaper. This way, if any damage occurs to the motorcycle, you won't have to pay a large sum all at once.
  • If possible, install a tracker on the motorcycle, this equipment allows you to know the location of the vehicle, which facilitates recovery in the event of theft. Insurers view it positively as it helps reduce claims paid and, when combined with insurance, results in lower values.
  • Have a good driving record, as drivers who are not involved in accidents or have no tickets are considered more prudent. Insurance companies, when evaluating the profile, understand that they will have fewer risks.
Tips for renewing car insurance |

Remember that motorcycle insurance is calculated based on the insured's profile, value of motorcycle, inspection of the property and contracted coverage. To know the exact value, you need to carry out a motorcycle insurance quote.

Will the values ​​in the table be the same as those charged for protecting my motorcycle?

Please understand that the values ​​above refer to quotes made by other drivers. To find out how much you will pay to protect your vehicle, you need to get a personalized motorcycle insurance quote.

After all, motorcycle insurers consider some factors to calculate the possible risk to assume. Among them, the driver's profile, model of the asset and the type of coverage desired.

Furthermore, the value in Motorcycle price list also influences the price charged by the motorcycle insurance company.


Therefore, depending on the value in the Fipe Moto Table, protection may be more expensive or cheaper, as the insurance company offers reimbursement in the event of total loss or theft. That is, if the The value of the motorcycle is high, the insurance company considers this, as it runs the risk of reimbursing the stolen or total-loss vehicle.

This is common among insurance companies, whether Porto Seguro Seguros, Suhai Seguro de Moto, MAPFRE, Youse or others.

But if you want to hire a Cheap motorcycle insurance, you can save by choosing to include only the most important coverage.

What is the best insurance company to take out motorcycle insurance?

The best motorcycle insurance company is the one that offers the protection you need, at the fairest price. Furthermore, it needs to be renowned in the market to ensure that its needs are met.


But to do this, you need to conduct a survey of customer opinions. You can check their own social networks motorcycle insurance companies and see what customers are saying.

It is also possible to get an idea on the complaints website. For example, research Suhai Seguros Reclame Aqui, as well as another motorcycle insurance company.

Make a list of some companies and get a quote from them to compare what each one offers. But, don't just rely on the insurance value in the motorcycle table, as it is important to also evaluate what is included in each plan to keep your motorcycle safe.

Therefore, the best motorcycle insurance is the one offered by a motorcycle insurance company renowned, offering a good plan, with coverage and a fair price.


If you wish, see here 10 tricks for choosing the best motorcycle insurance!

*Published in: | Updated on 10/20/2022.

* is not responsible for the amounts mentioned here, as the price of insurance may vary depending on the profile of each driver.

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Motorcycle insurance price list | Price

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Motorcycle insurance price list | Price


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Motorcycle insurance price list | Price


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