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world Pokémon game – For the first time in decades, the latest Pokémon games are truly different than before. The downside is that the games technically show the necessary defects.

For years, Pokémon games were essentially the same: you were given a monster to explore the world, trained a team to defeat others, and at the end of the game, became the local champion. All of that went down a beaten path, where you systematically beat eight so-called ‘gym leaders’ to become the best.

world Pokémon game

The games have since become more beautiful and extensive, but that original formula was not adhered to. In recent years, it has led to increasingly loud criticism from old fans, who wanted to see something new after more than twenty years.

That is now happening in the new games Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet games that are largely identical to each other, apart from some small details. You’ll still set out to train monsters and fight, but this time the game world to explore is more open up. This way you can choose whether you go left or right yourself from now on and determine how you prefer to explore the world.


New Pokémon games aren’t as linear anymore

That doesn’t make it a completely open world: when you start, high mountains and long rivers mean that parts of the new land of Paldea cannot yet be reached. But because of that limited choice, the game feels more like an exploration.

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That’s a big difference from the normally linearPokémon games, in which you can usually only go one way. It also ensures that you can make the game as difficult as you want. For example, in the beginning you are encouraged to go west, but when we went east, we ran into stronger opponents who made the game more challenging. A breath of freshair for Pokémon, of which the past few games have often been too easy.

Fighting gym leaders, Team Star or Titan Pokémons

You do notice that the freer world is a bit empty. In fact, there are three things to do in the game: you can fight gym leaders for the championship, you can take on team star’s bullies, and you can fight giant Titan Pokémons.

If you go exploring to find something else in the world, you will actually find little. There are no big secrets or extra side streets to walk: in an abandoned cave you will find at most a new monster that you can catch or an extra object. (world Pokémon game)


It makes the world feel a bit clinical at times. Actually, you can still do the same things as in old Pokémon games, but this is all spread out over the world map. In addition, the formerly handmade events have been exchanged for moments that are somewhat interchangeable; for example, all battles against Team Star are largely identical to each other, so you have to do the same thing five times.

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world Pokémon game

world Pokémon game

Technical flaws detract from gaming experience

Technically, the game is not very well put together. Shocking images, characters that suddenly jump into the image and moments when the game lingers: you notice that the game console has to fight to bring everything into view a bit okay.

It never becomes unplayable because of this, but it detracts from the overall experience. It is difficult to enjoy a beautiful village when you see in the background that the mill is faltering.

Small refinements especially noticeable in combat

There are also the necessary improvements against this. For example, combat is much smoother than in old games. Gone are the constant dialog boxes in which actions are written out: your monsters attack quickly. Unfortunately, that faster combat system is also somewhat limited by the technical problems, because the game sometimes suddenly hangs after such a fast fight because everything has to be loaded.

Do you want to teach a monster an old attack again? Then you no longer have to look up a special character, but you just press a menu button. And if you’re fighting too strong a trainer, you can just run away to give up.



There’s a lot to love in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet: for the first time, a main game in the Pokémon series is a kind of open world, giving you as a player the freedom to explore. Small adjustments also ensure that it all runs faster and smoother.

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The technical problems do mean that it sometimes feels a bit rickety. It never becomes unplayable, but the game is choppy and therefore sometimes even a bit ugly. Those who can see through it have a fresh, different kind of Pokémon game for the first time in years.


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world Pokémon game

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