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Perfect Love: Carol Castro talks about the character’s arrival in the plot

As already reported, Carol Castro is coming to rock Frei João’s life (Allan Souza Lima) in “Amor Perfeito, telenovela at 7 pm, on Globo.

In the past, Darlene and João were involved, but they ended up following different paths: she had a different relationship; he followed the calling of his vocation, becoming a priest.

  Darlene (Carol Castro), Clara (Vitória Pabst) and Frei João (Allan Souza Lima) behind the scenes of Perfect Love
Darlene (Carol Castro), Clara (Vitória Pabst) and Frei João (Allan Souza Lima) in Perfect Love – Photo: TV Globo/Manoella Mello

In an interview with the soap opera website, Carol Castro told about the arrival of her character in the plot and behind-the-scenes details. About the reception of co-workers.

“It was awesome to meet so many co-workers from so many years ago, especially from the team. I know practically everyone! Cameras, assistant directors, as well as cast, makeup, costumes, maids! It was just a joy. I found it interesting to start with lighter scenes and then move on to more intense ones, as it happened. It helped me a lot.”

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About the character, Carol comments on the strength of the activist woman and the challenge

“I already played a woman activist. Darlene was an activist woman. And that strength, that determination, that struggle for survival is strong in me in the film ‘Ainda Somos os Jovens’, which won the Montreal Independent Film Festival and which will still arrive in Brazil. But I’ve never lived anything similar, in other ways, to Darlene’s life.”


Soon, Gracinha, Carol’s character in “Mulheres Apaixonadas”, will appear again in the soap opera and the actress talks about the impact of the character in the soap opera.

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“I was literally hated by everyone (laughs)! To this day, there are people who talk to me about it: “How I postponed that cutie!”. But I think today the comments would be different. These are other times.”

“Gracinha practiced extreme sports, so I remember the hang-gliding filming, in which she obviously didn’t want to double (laughs). There were also motorcycle scenes. And, of course, the butterflies in my stomach from starting out on a successful soap opera, working with super-experienced people when I didn’t know anything about TV. I had already had contact with theater and cinema, but TV was something new. I had only done a few advertisements. Everything was outstanding!”, recalls Carol.

Finally, Carol Castro commented on the expectation of being on the air in two completely different works: “I’m loving it! It will be a return with the air of a fresh start. It will be interesting for the new generation to get to know my first job and, at the same time, get to know better how I work today. And for those who have been with me for 20 years – the time that has passed since the premiere of ‘Women in Love’ – I have nothing but affection and gratitude. I always receive very sweet messages on social networks asking about my return to TV. So now we will have a double dose. I’m very happy with this. This year I celebrate 30 years in the profession, 17 of which were at Globo. It’s plenty of time! I am very happy with this reunion with my beginnings on TV. It is as if it were the future, in this case, looking at the past.”

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Perfect Love: Carol Castro talks about the character’s arrival in the plot

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