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Porto Seguro Easy Car | Auto Insurance
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Carro Fácil Porto Seguro is a subscription-based car rental that offers a series of additional benefits.

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Maintaining a vehicle is a bit expensive, as in addition to the costs of purchasing the car and documentation, there are maintenance expenses.

This has caused many people, especially those who change cars frequently, to look for another way of purchasing. It is possible to reduce costs and still have a car for your own use by renting.

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This service is becoming so popular that automakers now see it as a new source of income. And to meet demand, Carro Fácil Porto Seguro has this facility.

Porto Seguro Easy Car

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What is Porto Seguro Easy Car?

This is a vehicle subscription service that requires you to pay a monthly fee to use it. A 12 to 24 month contract is signed with a fixed monthly amount.

The person who makes the rental receives a new car to use during the period and already has all the facilities covered by Carro Fácil Porto Seguro.

This way, you can easily move around in your car without having to worry about anything else.

What is included in the Porto Seguro Easy Car?

Before hiring the service, you must choose the model of car you want to use. There are different brands and models options such as Virtus, Polo, Tracker, Kicks and Kwid. Depending on the plan and model, the value will be determined.


The person will have access to several facilities, including:


IPVA is paid by Porto Seguro and the amount is already included in the monthly fee. There is no need to worry about the due date or tax amount.


All documents are provided and delivered so that you can use the car, including licensing and other necessary documents. If, for example, you are stopped during a traffic stop, you won't have any problems.

Service takes and brings for maintenance

Periodically the car needs to undergo maintenance, but there is no need to take it to the workshop. The service takes and brings arrangements for someone to pick up the vehicle and then take it back after the inspection.


Unlimited reserve car

If the car has a problem or needs to be kept in the workshop, it is possible to request a spare car and continue driving. The service is unlimited.


The car has insurance coverage for material and bodily damage to third parties with coverage limited to R$700,000.

In the event of an accident, a deductible will be charged.

Porto Seguro residential services

Household facilities such as a locksmith and plumber are available.


What plans are available?

The plans correspond to the services that will be available when subscribing to Carro Fácil Porto Seguro.

Control plane

It has contracts valid for 12 months and has a usage allowance of 500 km per month.

The monthly prices in this case are more affordable and only valid for compact cars.

Conventional plan

This plan is valid for those who need to travel longer distances and are looking for cars that offer more comfort.


Contracts are valid for 12 or 24 months and the usage allowance is annual. It can be 12 or 24 thousand km.

This option includes compact cars, sedans, SUVs and luxury cars.

In both cases, the value varies depending on the model chosen and the mileage. In relation to this, it is important to highlight that despite there being a deductible, usage may be higher. If there is an excess, a fee will be charged per additional kilometer.

What are the restrictions of Carro Fácil Porto Seguro?

The service is not yet available in all cities. In the state of São Paulo it has coverage in all municipalities, and also works in the Metropolitan Regions of Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba. The other locations still cannot count on it.


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For those who work with the car, as app drivers cannot rent it for this purpose. Use is prohibited and is for personal purposes only.

How does hiring work?

In order to hire Carro Fácil Porto Seguro you must complete a pre-registration, which can be done on the website. After this, the analysis will be carried out and if approved, you will be able to make the rental.

It is possible to rent more than one car at the same time, however, the source of income must be compatible.

To make the payment, you must have a credit card from the associated brands and the amount will be deducted monthly. For those who wish to pay in cash, the option is only available on the Conventional plan.


The Porto Seguro Easy Car is an option for those who always want to have a car without worrying about bureaucratic procedures.

Porto Seguro Easy Car | Auto Insurance

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Porto Seguro Easy Car | Auto Insurance


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Porto Seguro Easy Car | Auto Insurance

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