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Cheapest car insurance: Gol or Palio?
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Cheapest car insurance: Gol or Palio? Ask your questions and see what makes the most savings on car insurance.

The Gol and Palio are popular vehicles that have an affordable price, so if you have little to spend and are thinking about buying a car, these could be good options. However, you cannot just consider the value of each car, you must take into account other costs you may have, such as the cost of insurance.


However, the value can vary greatly from one location to another and also according to the characteristics of the driver and the vehicle model. There are several factors that will influence the price, so understand a little more about this.

Cheapest car insurance: Gol or Palio?

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Differences in values

The difference in values ​​has always been quite large and can be easily observed, so much so that about a year ago (Feb/2015) a survey pointed out these variations. See the survey that was carried out at the time considering the model and condition and the average price of Gol and Palio insurance.

state Fiat Palio Fire 1.0 VW Gol G6 1.0 4 doors
FEDERAL DISTRICT R$ 1,923.06 R$ 2,047.23
PERNAMBUCO R$ 1,468.30 R$ 1,813.81
RIO DE JANEIRO R$ 1,394.77 R$ 2,114.13
RIO GRANDE DO SUL R$ 1,985.52 R$ 2,196.02
SÃO PAULO R$ 1,650.21 R$ 2,946.05

This means you can see a variation of around R$500.00 in the insurance value of the Palio and more than R$1,000.00 in the Gol.


Today, whoever goes to get a quote will also find a difference in values. The average price of Palio insurance nationwide is R$1,500.00 and Gol is R$2,000.00, in this case the Gol insurance value is higher.

To make a better comparison, see the difference in prices for the same model, the Palio Attractive 1.0 2015.

Palio Attractive 1.0 2015
state Driver's gender Value
Paraíba Feminine R$ 1,579.62
Pernambuco Masculine R$ 1,451.00
Paraná Feminine R$ 1,492.18
Minas Gerais Feminine R$ 1,385.64

In this case we can see that the difference in values ​​is very small, regardless of the driver's gender and also the state, as the vehicle model is the same. The variation does not reach R$200.00.

Goal Special 1.0
state Driver's gender Value
Minas Gerais Feminine R$ 1,709.51
São Paulo Feminine R$ 1,486.30
Bahia Masculine R$ 2,013.13
Paraná Masculine R$ 1,522.00

In the case of Gol, the variation in values ​​according to the same model is slightly greater and reaches around R$500.00. In two cases (São Paulo and Paraná) the insurance value is very similar to that of the Palio, but in the other situations verified it is more expensive.


However, if you wish to purchase one of these two vehicles, you must obtain a personalized quote to access personalized information. But based on the data I presented, you can now have an idea of ​​how much you will pay for insurance if you choose these vehicle models.

Cheapest car insurance: Gol or Palio?

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Cheapest car insurance: Gol or Palio?


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Cheapest car insurance: Gol or Palio?

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