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PS5 Games That May Appear in PlayStation Showcase
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So, it looks like Sony is preparing a new PlayStation Showcase or State of Play for the next few days.

If this comes to fruition, we can expect lots of amazing trailers, updates, and reveals for PS5 games. Whether we are being too optimistic or underestimating Sony, only time will tell.

But one thing is certain: we are expecting great things!

Very likely

Destiny 2: The Final Shape – With the release of “The Final Shape” approaching, it is almost guaranteed that we will see something about this expansion for Destiny 2. Additionally, we may get a peek at the future of the series after the end of the Light and Dark saga.


Helldivers 2 – After becoming Sony's best-selling game of all time, it would be a crime not to see something new from Helldivers 2. Maybe a new enemy or co-op content.

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Spider-Man 2 DLC – With Sony saying there will be no major releases until 2025, a DLC for Spider-Man 2 would be perfect to keep the flame burning. New characters and stories? Bring them!

Silent Hill 2 Remake – Bloober Team is dedicating itself to the remake of one of the best horror games of all time. We've already seen some gameplay, so now we want a release date.

Until Dawn Remake – The remake of Until Dawn with Unreal Engine 5 is scheduled for this year. We're waiting for more details on performance and improvements, as well as a firm release date.



Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater – With Konami listing this remake as a 2024 release, it's likely we'll see Snake again at the showcase. An extended gameplay trailer and release date would be perfect.

Fairgames – The multiplayer assault shooter, Fairgames, was announced with a cool CGI trailer, but without many details. Who knows, maybe we’ll see some gameplay details?

Zenless Zone Zero – HoYoverse’s RPG is on its way to PS5, with a release scheduled for July. The May showcase would be the perfect time to confirm that date.

Wolverine, Venom or Both – With the hype for the Deadpool & Wolverine movie, we hope to see something from Insomniac’s Wolverine game. Maybe a cinematic trailer and a release date.


Sword of the Sea – This beautiful game from the team behind Journey and Abzu appeared at last year’s showcase. We want more gameplay and a release date.

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Astro Bot – Rumor has it that a new Astro Bot game is on the way. The Asobi team has already said that it is working on its biggest project to date. We're ready to see more of our favorite little robot.

Blue Protocol – Bandai Namco's MMO is already rolling out in Japan and should arrive in the West this year. A new trailer and details of an open beta would be great.

Phantom Blade Zero – Revealed at last year’s showcase, Phantom Blade Zero looks promising. A more detailed gameplay trailer and release date would be perfect.


DBZ Sparking! Zero – The hype for Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero is real. With Bandai Namco focusing on marketing, we expect an announcement with more details.

The First Descendant – This third-person looter shooter is slated for summer 2024. With final testing scheduled for May, expect a big final trailer at the showcase.


Horizon Multiplayer Game – Guerrilla Games is developing a multiplayer game in the Horizon universe. A reveal trailer and early details would be awesome.

Kingdom Hearts 4 – Since the announcement on the 20th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, we have been waiting for more news. Maybe a new teaser?


Judas – Ken Levine, creator of Bioshock, is back with Judas, which looks like a space version of Bioshock. We're ready to see more gameplay at the showcase.

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Naughty Dog's Next Project – After The Last of Us' multiplayer project was cancelled, Naughty Dog is in need of good news. A teaser for the upcoming single-player game would be perfect.

So if the rumors are true and Sony gives us a great PlayStation Showcase in the coming weeks.


PS5 Games That May Appear in PlayStation Showcase

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PS5 Games That May Appear in PlayStation Showcase

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