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Rakuten Viki has suggestions for Asian Valentine's Day

On March 14th, Valentine's Day (White Day) is celebrated in Asia. And the streaming platform Rakuten Viki has prepared some content suggestions for romance lovers.

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For those who don't know, the commemorative date began in the late 1970s, in Japan, by a marshmallow company called Ishimura Manseidou, which started a “marshmallow day” campaign to increase its sales. People then started buying and gifting these marshmallows to their loved ones, and it became a tradition. The Japanese culture of gratitude and giving and receiving gifts is still strong today, which is why it really became popular and was later well received in other Asian countries.

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Check out Rakuten's list to marathon:

My boss


Is Cheng Yao's (Zhang Ruo Nan) dream of becoming a top lawyer about to come true? It seems so—when she is unexpectedly recruited by a top law firm. Excited, she changes house to be closer to her new office. She moves in full of hope and soon meets her new roommate, Qian Heng (Chen Xing Xu). However, a surprise awaits her on her first day of work…

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Qian Heng ends up being his direct superior at the office… and he proves to be incredibly difficult to please! Her training period quickly turns into a baptism of fire, and she begins to feel as if he is trying to drive her out of the company.

A Good Day to Be a Dog


High school Korean literature teacher Han Hae Na (Park Gyu Young) suffers an extremely unusual curse: if she kisses a man, she is doomed to transform into a dog every night, although she will return to human form in the morning. There's only one way to break the curse — and that involves getting a kiss from the same man who kissed her… still in dog form!

She has a crush on Lee Bo Kyum (Lee Hyun Woo), a classmate who teaches history at the same school. She is in love with him, even saying that he is the only reason she wants to continue going to work every morning. But one night she forgets and drunkenly kisses him, only to discover that it wasn't Lee Bo Kyum after all…but, in fact, Jin Seo Won (Cha Eun Woo), another classmate.

Unfortunately, although Jin Seo Won is very handsome, he is also terrified of dogs due to a traumatic event in his past. He also has a natural dislike for her. Now, Han Hae Na must find a way to win her heart — and get him to kiss her — or she will spend the rest of her life as a stray!

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Extraordinary You


Eun Dan Oh, a high school girl who is the only child in a wealthy family, has a congenital heart disease. One day, she wonders why she is losing her memory. She finally realizes that she is a character in the cartoon and decides to find her true life and love.

Meanwhile, a character who doesn't even have a name, Student Number 13 at Colégio Seuri, lives as an extra for the other characters, but his life begins to change little by little after he meets Dan Oh. They begin their mysterious adventure to discover the secret from the world of cartoon romance and try to regain their independent lives.

True Beauty

Im Joo Kyung (Moon Ga Young) is a high school student who is super bubbly and positive about most things – except her looks!


She hates the idea of ​​being seen in public without makeup, but has happily become a self-taught makeup expert with a little help from an abundance of tutorial videos on the internet.

What she learned online transformed her life. At school she is known as one of the prettiest girls in her class – although she secretly lives in fear of her classmates finding out what she looks like beneath the makeup!

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In fact, there is only one person at school who has ever seen her without her “mask” – Lee Su Ho (Cha Eun Woo).

Sweet Trap


Jiang Jie (Xie Bin Bin) is a talented young chef whose knife and cooking skills have taken him to the pinnacle of traditional Chinese cuisine. His skills earned him the coveted five-star chef's knife, the top prize for the country's cooks. He now works at a high-end hotel. But, he secretly yearns for a showdown against an older chef whose skills are still legendary.

Meanwhile, the same older chef's young apprentice, Li Nai (Zhang Miao Yi), hopes to help restore her master's honor. She hatches a plan that involves getting a job in the hotel kitchen… so she can infiltrate Jiang Jie's inner circle. But little does she know that Jiang Jie also has a cunning plan to prove once and for all that he is second to none when it comes to Chinese cuisine! Who will win this battle of wits, heart and culinary magic?

Andréia Takano

Journalist since 2000, she began her career as a writer for the website OFuxico in 2002. Years later, she worked as an editor on the website Famosidades (MSN), also working as a reporter at Quem, newspaper Agora S. Paulo (Folha de S. Paulo), R7 and returned in 2015 as editor of the Ofuxico website.

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Rakuten Viki has suggestions for Asian Valentine's Day

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