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Reis: Miguel Moro shows transformation in Absalão

Miguel Moro, 11 years old, is looking forward to the 8th season of Reis, on Record TV. Debuting on TV, he is in the cast of the biblical production in the skin of Absalom, the vain and conceited son of King David, played by Cirillo Luna, and Princess Maaca, played by Jakelyne Oliveira.

This period on television allowed the actor to experience what it’s like to follow a work on TV. “It’s been really cool to see me on the telenovela! I don’t miss a chapter and I’m loving it, but at the same time I miss it, because we’re ending two seasons on the air. Absalom is very vain and a real mama’s boy,” he impressed.


When questioned about what it’s like to act with the actors who play his parents in the plot, he is happy to talk about the exchange and companionship. “I thought it was really cool to work with Cirillo, he is a calm person in secret and he plays a very funny father in the soap opera. Jakie is also very affectionate with me, and she is very nice! I loved working with both of them!”, he stated.

Miguel Romo Absalão in Reis
Miguel Romo getting ready for the character – Photo (Disclosure)

Furthermore, he adds: “The atmosphere behind the scenes is very pleasant, funny and fun. The noise of the actors warming up their voices may seem strange and even funny, but I know it’s part of the job. Is important. I learned a lot in Reis, it was great to meet so many nice people and work with my brothers, the king’s wives, my mother, my father, Rô, the directors and the entire production. Everyone is really nice and patient! This was my first TV job and I really enjoyed learning things outside the theater, which was my main experience until now. Ron helped me a lot! She explained to me the essence of my character and said that he even liked to play, but at the same time he always followed his mother’s rules, as he was very obedient. Rosana Garcia was essential in my construction as Absalão and helped me to understand the whole story of the telenovela during rehearsals”, he confessed.

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Miguel already stood out in his career in the theater, where he acted with two characters in the play “Milkshakespeare”, singing and dancing different musical styles, drawing applause from an always crowded audience. He also took on the lead role in the film “1,2,3 Testando”, scheduled for release in the second half of 2023 on some closed TV platforms.

In the series “Reis”, Moro acts with other young talents who play his brothers in the plot. The supervision and preparation of this squad are done by the experienced Rosana Garcia, who has more than 20 years of experience in talent preparation. The work has the general direction of Leonardo Miranda.


Reis: Miguel Moro shows transformation in Absalão

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