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Rev Up Your Engines – Need for Speed ​​Unbound Vol. 7 Arrived
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Get ready to feel that 2000s adrenaline with the new update Need for Speed ​​Unbound Vol. 7: Drift & Drag.

Inspired by the iconic series Need for Speed: Undergroundthis update brings back all the excitement of Drift and Drag modes, as well as new cars and much more.

New Modes and Cars

Need for Speed ​​Unbound Vol. 7 officially launches today, and it seems that nostalgia has hit the development team hard.

We have Drift and Drag modes, as well as progression in League mode, all updated for the modern era. And, of course, new toys to drive: '24 Ford Mustang Dark Horse and '23 BMW M3 Competition Touring.


Drift Mode

For those who find driving in a straight line too easy, the new Drift Mode is here to challenge your ability to talk around corners and think about acceleration. With a revamped handling model and drift tires, you'll feel like DK from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. Drift playlists are now available in PVP and Freemode. Good luck not hitting the walls!

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Drag Mode

Ah, Drag Mode, for those who think changing gears is more fun than anything else. This mode brings back the thrill of manual gear changes and strategic lane changes to avoid obstacles.

It's practically a digital “Fast and Furious”, where it's not enough to have the fastest car, but also the skill of a driver. Challenge for up to four players, because competing alone is very 2010.

League Mode

Revitalizing the competitive spirit of Need for Speed ​​Underground, League mode allows you to challenge Rival Drivers in head-to-head battles to win exclusive cars. That's right, it's time to show who's boss on the streets!


And there's also a community challenge, because we need a collective effort to unlock the final boss and obtain new customizables.

New Cars

This time, we have the '23 BMW M3 Competition Touring, known for its agility, and the '24 Ford Mustang Dark Horse, which arrives with pure raw power.

These toys are fully customizable and come with several unlockable body kit options. Practically an automotive fashion show.

NFS Legends

The fans of Need for Speed ​​Underground will freak out over PVP playlists starring Eddie's Skyline and Rachel's 350Z.


And yes, Melissa's Eclipse will be available to unlock in the Premium Speed ​​Pass. Get ready to relive those glorious moments of pure adrenaline.

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Speed ​​Pass

The new Speed ​​Pass volume is packed with 45 unlockables of customization content. Highlights include the '23 BMW M3 Competition Touring with multiple body kits.

There are even XP Boosts to speed up Rank and Speed ​​Pass progression. Because who has the patience to play slowly, right?

Premium Speed ​​Pass

The Vol. 7 Premium Speed ​​Pass immediately grants the new '24 Ford Mustang Dark Horse and opens access to its body kits, as well as rare customization versions of the new cars arriving in this volume.


With 30 levels of content to unlock, players have access to new customization options, including LED and LCD wheels and plates, music-reactive parts, and more. Because nothing says “I'm the king of the streets” like a car that shines and makes noise.

Need for Speed ​​Unbound It was developed with next-generation technologies and features 4K resolution at 60 FPS for the first time in the series. Vol. 7 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

So, start your engines and get ready to dominate the streets with style and speed. Who knows, maybe you can finally show all your friends what it's like to be a real Need for Speed ​​driver. Or at least look like one.

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Rev Up Your Engines – Need for Speed ​​Unbound Vol. 7 Arrived

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Rev Up Your Engines – Need for Speed ​​Unbound Vol. 7 Arrived

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