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Rudy Gobert suggests betting scheme after Wolves defeat: “Mistakes…”

Minnesota Timberwolves center makes controversial statements about possible betting scheme after expulsion against Cleveland Cavaliers

Losing is never good, but it seems like something has left the pivot Rudy Gobert completely irritated with the refereeing during the setback Minnesota Timberwolves against Cleveland Cavaliers. The player was expelled from the match due to an accumulation of fouls at the end of the last quarter, without being able to play extra time, which culminated in the victory of the Ohio franchise last Friday, 8th, by 113 to 104. The defeat was decisive for the loss of the leadership of the Western Conference, which now belongs to the Oklahoma City Thunder.


“Mistakes are mistakes, and to be honest, I don't think my expulsion was unfair for the sixth offense I committed. But I don't agree with all the faults that have been attributed to me. So, it was something that came from the entire game. They had a lot of unfair free throws. So I think when you make mistakes on the same side all night, things get weird.”shot Gobert.

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Embezzled from Karl-Anthony Towns, after suffering a knee injury that took the player out of the playoffs, the Wolves saw Gobert score just seven points, but grabbed 17 rebounds, made two blocks and two assists in 36 minutes of play. The cavs were also lacking in Evan Mobley It is DonovanMitchell. After the French giant's sixth foul, the pivot was still fined for making the money sign to the judges.

Gobert admitted that it wasn't the best decision and that he needs to be more mature in moments like this. However, he made his frustration clear. “I was definitely frustrated. As I said before, it was a series of wrong appointments, it's tiring. I really believe what you meant there. It's been very strange. But even if it's true, I can't act like that. After all, it cost my team the game. In addition to being sent off, we gave up the free throw and possession of the ball. So I'm not taking my side either, it was a bad decision. But they really wanted to give me a technical foul and they did.”he completed.

“Man, I’ve been in the league for years. I understand very well what happens in this game. And I love being with my teammates and competing. And like I said, I blame myself a lot when I make mistakes. I elbowed Jarrett Allen in a tackle, so we're not perfect. I'm not saying that mistakes only come from the judges or anything like that. But sometimes, I feel like they're more than just mistakes.”commented the Frenchman, during the journalist's podcast Dane Moore.


“I think everyone in this league has the same opinion, but it's hard to talk about it. Therefore, I will be the villain who speaks again and is fined. But this is all hurting the NBA. I know the world of betting and everything is getting bigger and bigger in this area. However, it shouldn't be like that. The Cavs deserved to win, of course. Seriously, I have a lot of respect for the Cavaliers team, they are a tough team, they play defense like us. He's having an incredible season and had a great night. But hopefully the judges will let the players decide more games from now on.”concluded,

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Rudy Gobert suggests betting scheme after Wolves defeat: “Mistakes…”

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