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Britney Spears hits Wembanyama and fires at NBA star: “I don’t…”

Britney Spears opened the game about the controversy with Victor Wembanyama and countered the version presented by the NBA star; see what she said

Britney Spears opened the game about the controversy with Victor Wembanyama. The new star of NBA saw the singer being assaulted by her security during the night of last Wednesday, 5, in a hotel in Las Vegas. In videos circulating on social media, you can see the pop star being knocked to the ground. The episode gained worldwide repercussions and the victim of the aggression manifested herself through her Instagram.


The singer even refuted the version presented by Wembanyama. The NBA ace said that he did not see Britney Spears and that he just followed the recommendations made by his security before crossing the hotel lobby. The San Antonio Spurs player revealed that he felt something in his shoulder but hasn’t looked back.

I was walking with some members of the security team towards a restaurant. We were in a lobby and there were a lot of people, some of them calling out to me, obviously. One person was calling me ‘Lord, Lord’ and grabbed me from behind. So I didn’t see what happened because I was walking and we had agreed not to stop. But the person held me from behind, not the shoulder, held me from behind. All I know is that the security guards pushed her, I don’t know how hard. I didn’t stop to look, I kept walking“, he stated.

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But Britney Spears made a long text on her social networks and countered what was said by the Spurs player. According to her, Wembanyama only received a touch on the shoulder and emphasized that it was not something stronger. In addition, the pop star also confirmed the information that she would have been pushed and fallen to the ground. According to the pop music star, this kind of attitude does not surprise her.

Victor Wembanyama in action before the start of the NBA Summer League (Credit: GettyImages)

Traumatic experiences are nothing new to me. I wasn’t prepared for what happened to me last night. I recognized an athlete in my hotel lobby on my way to dinner. Later, I saw him again in a restaurant at another hotel. I decided to approach him and congratulate him on his success.“, he began to explain.

According to her, the place was full and she tried a softer approach. However, the Wembanyama security guard did not control himself and pushed her by the head with a slap: “HThere was a lot of noise, so I tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. I saw the player testimonial saying I grabbed him from behind but I just patted him on the shoulder”.


Then his security punched me in the face without looking back in front of a crowd. They nearly knocked me over and made my glasses fall off my face.”, he completed.

Britney Spears hits Wembanyama and fires at NBA star: “I don’t…”

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