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EA releases Workshop Episode 5 of the new Skate: Personalization or Capitalization?
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So, everyone, ready for another behind-the-scenes tour of San Vansterdam? After a loooooong period, EA decided to release a video with news about the 'new' Skateboard.

Don't call it a sequel, call it “skateboard. modernized”. This is how EA is positioning its latest title, promising a game with continuous evolution in the franchise. Bringing an update plan that seems to have no end, EA wants you to believe that this skateboard is a long-term commitment to the community.

They say they are listening to the players, reimagining the game with our inputs as a guide. It's a bold promise, to be sure, but as we're being asked to embark on this journey and help shape the future of skateboardthe question remains: are they really ready to skate with us on this rink, or are we just being carried away by a beautiful marketing trick? The truth, we hope, will be revealed not just in words, but in the updates that actually reach our screens.


Character Customization?

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Ah, customization… the sacred pillar of any self-respecting game and a term as common as “innovative game” in press conferences. The team promises a ballet of realism and stylization—a combination I swear I've seen somewhere. Oh yes, practically all skateboarding game since the 2000s. You can change your wardrobe, your body, your face… But does it change the gameplay? They don't say that.

Visual Items: Dress for Success or for Failure

From skeleton suits to partner brands like Vans, it seems San Vansterdam It's going to be a fashion show on wheels. It's cool to have options, but I wonder if we'll also have the option of not spending a fortune on a pair of digital socks. Yes, because skateboarding fashion is cool, but when fashion is just an excuse to open your wallet, then things get complicated.


Rewards: The Eternal Premium Coin Lure

Get ready to unlock “awesome new items” that, surprise, could be yours if you decide to open your wallet to buy premium coins. Sure, they promise that you can earn items by playing, but we know how that usually ends: grinding more than maneuvering on railings to get anything worthwhile.

Partner Brands: When Skateboarding Meets Capitalism

Brand partnerships are nothing new, but it always sends a chill down my spine when a game starts to feel more like a shopping catalog than a virtual playground. Vans, Girl, Chocolate… Great for fans of the brands, but does it go beyond that? Will we have something really substantial or just more logos to decorate your skateboard?


Episode 5 of Workshop brings more of the same with a new veneer of hype. Customization and partnerships are cool, but without solid gameplay behind it, it's just another game trying to be the new Tony Hawk without understanding what made Tony Hawk Tony Hawk. And while they promise that “the launch is just the beginning”, I'm left here wondering if it wouldn't be better to ensure that the beginning is already worth it.

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Free, But At What Cost? The Reality of Microtransactions in Skate

Behold, the new skateboard. promises to reach consoles with no initial cost — news that sounds like music to gamers' ears. However, before you release the wheels and jump onto that ramp, it's worth a warning: the “free” model comes loaded with microtransactionsready to test not only your gaming skills, but also the strength of your wallet.


With an arsenal of cosmetic items, upgrades and exclusive content that only real money can buy, the strategy seems clear. Get ready to navigate a sea of ​​digital temptations where every click can mean another expense. Yes, access to the game may not cost anything, but reaching the true potential of skateboard.? This has a price, and from the looks of it, it won't be cheap.

As a long-time fan of skateboardI've always had a special affection for the series Skateboardwhich emerged as a vibrant counterpoint to the series Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. With its focus on realism and a more authentic physical approach to skateboarding, Skateboard won a place in the hearts of gamers looking for an experience that captured the raw and creative essence of the sport.

Previous titles in the series stood out for providing innovative and engaging gameplay that really made you feel every grind and kickflip. However, despite my admiration for the series, I cannot ignore the shadow of microtransactions which threatens to overwhelm the new release. It's disheartening to see a game with so much potential adopting a model that often prioritizes profit over the player's experience. As I celebrate the return of Skateboard and its legacy, I remain cautious about how this monetization scheme might impact the purity of the virtual skateboarding we love so much.

Honor of Kings Inspiring Stories from the Creator Path

So, skate lovers and fashion victims, get ready: San Vansterdam It could be your new addiction, or just another attempt to steal money from nostalgic gamers. In any case, keep your helmets close, because AT LEAST the ride promises to be turbulent!


EA releases Workshop Episode 5 of the new Skate: Personalization or Capitalization?

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EA releases Workshop Episode 5 of the new Skate: Personalization or Capitalization?

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