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NBA star Wembanyama breaks silence over Britney Spears controversy

Victor Wembanyama opened up about the controversy between him and Britney Spears at a Las Vegas hotel; NBA star gave his version of the case

Victor Wembanyama broke the silence on the controversy with Britney Spears. The player of san antonio spurs saw one of his security guards slap the singer in the face during her visit to a hotel in Las Vegas. The player, who is in dispute for the NBA Summer League, spoke for the first time on the subject and assured that he did not see the popstar. According to him, everything was very fast and he just followed the instructions of the employees who protected him.


The episode between Victor Wembanyama and Britney Spears happened last Wednesday, the 5th, when the singer tried to approach the athlete to teat. In a video released on social networks, it is possible to see the new NBA star’s security guard pushing the American, who was not hurt, but she fell to the ground. This Friday, the 7th, the San Antonio Spurs player opened the game about the controversy and assured that he did not see it.

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I was walking with some members of the security team towards a restaurant. We were in a lobby and there were a lot of people, some of them calling out to me, obviously. One person was calling me ‘Lord, Lord’ and grabbed me from behind. So I didn’t see what happened because I was walking and we had agreed not to stop. But the person held me from behind, not the shoulder, held me from behind. All I know is that the security guards pushed her, I don’t know how hard. I didn’t stop to look, I kept walking“, he stated.

Understand in detail how all the controversy between Wembanyama and Britney Spears happened!

With the current information, the alleged aggression would have happened in Las Vegas, in the United States, at the Catch restaurant, at the ARIA Hotel, around 8:30 pm local time. According to the publication of the portal, Britney Spears was accompanied by her husband, Sam Asghariand two other close but undisclosed people.

The confusion happened when the singer entered the restaurant and soon spotted Wembanyama. ‘TMZ’ reported that Britney is a fan of the young player, who is considered one of the greatest prospects in NBA history, and tried to approach to ask for a photo. The singer would have come close to the player and patted him on the back, but the Spurs security director reacted and knocked her down with a slap in the face.


After falling to the ground, the singer pulled herself together and got up, making the people who were together with Wembanyama realize that she was the big star. So, according to ‘TMZ’, the security went to Britney and apologized. “You understand what it’s like when you’re surrounded by fans”would have said the man.

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After the incident, Britney Spears’ security team, who was also present at the scene, spent time with the professional who was with Wembanyama. Afterwards, the singer left the place and went to file a police report at the Metropolitan Police Department. So far, neither the player nor his team have commented on the case.

NBA star Wembanyama breaks silence over Britney Spears controversy

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