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Shakira denies multimillion-dollar embezzlement

Shakira has always denied that she evaded 14.5 million euros in Spanish taxes. For that reason, she refused a settlement from the judge earlier this week. Now the 45-year-old singer runs the risk of going to prison for eight years. What exactly is going on with the Colombian pop star, who is so convinced of her own innocence?

The tax fraud case begins with Shakira’s relationship with FC Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué in 2011. The singer still officially lives in the Bahamas, but is probably often with her partner in the Spanish city. Prosecutors later say shakira has been in Spain more than half the time and thus has to pay taxes in that country.


Shakira’s name popped up in 2017 in the Panama Papers, the worldwide investigation into foreign payment accounts of prominent figures. 

According to the Spanish Public Prosecutor’s Office, Shakira has not been completely honest about her whereabouts in the previous six years. The Panama Papers show that the singer has given up the Bahamas as a tax homeland. In 2015, the pop star only officially moves to Spain.


Justice in Barcelona accuses Shakira of evading taxes between 2011 and 2014. The singer disputes the allegations. Shakira states that she paid 34 million euros in tax to Spain during that period. She says she doesn’t owe the Spanish tax authorities anything anymore.

Shakira may be prosecuted for 14.5 million euros in tax evasion

The Spanish Tax Authorities start an investigation into Shakira. The tax authorities want to map out whether the singer owes the tax authorities even more money. Shakira pays the Spanish tax authorities a settlement of 20 million euros. This payment is only for the year 2011. The investigation into her place of residence in 2012, 2013 and 2014 continues, according to Spanish media.

Justice officially indicts the singer a week after the investigation. The Public Prosecution Service formulates six charges for tax evasion, worth more than 14.5 million euros. The singer is asked to deposit a deposit of 19 million euros, as an assurance that she will not take the legs. It is unclear whether Shakira paid this sum.

The Tax And Customs Administration says it repeatedly tries to settle the case with Shakira. This does not work. The tax authorities then go to court. Shakira is again accused of having hidden almost 15 million euros in her companies in three years.


Shakira denies multimillion-dollar embezzlement

Shakira denies multimillion-dollar embezzlement

Shakira will appear in court for the first time in this case in June 2019. It turns out she hasn’t fled. In fact, the singer lets her PR team know that she is not aware of any harm. Shakira continues to vehemently deny the charges.

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After a three-year investigation, the judge concludes that there is sufficient evidence to prosecute Shakira. She should have paid the millions. The Public Prosecution Service can now officially start a lawsuit against the singer. (Shakira denies multimillion-dollar embezzlement)

Shakira still refuses to settle. Last week it was announced that the singer does not agree with an interim proposal from the Spanish justice. The amount of the refused settlement amount has not been disclosed. This means that the singer has to appear in court and that she faces years in prison.

The Spanish public prosecutor’s office is now demanding eight years in prison and a fine of 24 million euros against Shakira. The Public Prosecution Service states that the singer from 2012 to 2014 has not been in her home in the Bahamas for a day. Meanwhile, her relationship with Piqué, with whom she has two children, has broken down. When the criminal case takes place and whether it then becomes clear whether Shakira is telling the truth is not known.



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