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best cheap smartphones you can buy right now –

Together with the editors of BestGetest, we have figured out what the best cheap smartphones of the moment are. The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G takes off with the main prize this time.

For this test, we looked at all the features that are important for the basic use of a phone, such as battery life, housing, screen quality and camera. In addition, the device must be available for 350 euros or less.

The user experience is also important when choosing a new phone. This is where the speed of the processor, the operating system and other software play an important role. These tests are carried out in collaboration with the Tweakers test lab.

These are the best cheap smartphones you can buy right now
These are the best cheap smartphones you can buy right now

The best cheap smartphone: Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

  • Advantages: Good processor, impressive cameras, high screen refresh rate and there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack present
  • Disadvantages: Not too good battery life, the plastic housing feels very plastic
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If you are looking for a phone under 350 euros, you are mainly looking for a good basic smartphone. And the Galaxy A52s certainly is: it does exactly what you hope for in most areas. In addition to that, the phone also has a waterproof case and software that is supported for a long time. We can’t say that about many other phones in this test.

There is also a successor, the Samsung Galaxy A53, but that is more expensive. In addition, this newer model also lacks the 3.5mm audioport for connecting wired headphones, something we think is a big plus. That is why we prefer the Galaxy A52s in this test.

The screen of this phone has an impressive refresh rate at 120 hertz. In addition, it has high brightness and supports HDR. Practically speaking, this means that you can also consult the device well in the sun and that scrolling on websites or social media is very smooth. Another plus is that the memory can be expanded if you want to store more music, videos and photos.

The cameras are very good and the main camera even supports optical image stabilization. This feature, which allows you to take better photos at night, is lacking in many smartphones in this price range. The option to take macro photos, where you can capture things sharply from very close up, is also appreciated. The option to take wider wide-angle photos is also nice, but that function is pretty standard nowadays.

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These are the best cheap smartphones you can buy right now

These are the best cheap smartphones you can buy right now

Cheaper alternative: Motorola Moto G31

  • Advantages: Very good battery life, lots of storage memory, a high resolution OLED screen and brightness
  • Disadvantages: Doesn’t charge very fast

The first thing you’ll notice about the Moto G31 is its bright, high-resolution OLED display. This not only gives you a beautiful image on your device, but everything on your screen remains legible even in sunny weather. The NFC chip, with which you can make contactless payments, for example, is also a nice addition.

Another achievement of the Moto G31 is the memory of this smartphone. With 128 GB, that is on the hefty side, so you can store many more photos, videos, apps, music and files.


Also on the hefty side is the battery, so you can use your phone for a long time with one charge. Even if you watch videos continuously, you can expect twenty hours of usage time.

The price you pay for this is that fully charging the phone takes quite a long time. After half an hour on the charger, the battery was only up to 20 percent filled, just enough to last the phone for 2.5 hours.

These are the best cheap smartphones you can buy right now


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