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Singh voiced out from USA cell

AMERICAN: Jaitsen Singh (76) detained in the US begs outgoing Minister Sander Dekker (Legal Protection) to serve his sentence in the Netherlands. “Please take me back to the Netherlands after 37 years. It is the only thing I want, ”he says in a personal audio message that his lawyer heard on Monday during summary proceedings against the Dutch state.

Singh, the longest-detained Dutch person abroad, left a brief message from the prison in California, where he has been imprisoned for 37 years for his summary proceedings. “For God’s sake, let me die among my relatives,” the judge heard him plead.

Singh was sentenced to 56 years in prison in 1986 for the murder of his wife and daughter. The House of Representatives has already asked the cabinet to commit itself to Singh.

The state attorney argued in the court in The Hague that Jaitsen, who was born in Suriname, has insufficient ties with the Netherlands and therefore does not meet the requirements: “Jaitsen is elderly and has a fragile health. He wishes to be with his relatives for the rest of his life. But this humanitarian aspect cannot be an argument for a request for a transfer. ” Dekker is afraid of a precedent.


Jaitsen has a Dutch passport, his lawyers objected. Moreover, Suriname was part of the Dutch kingdom in Singh’s youth. Jaitsen himself said about this in his audio message: “I am Dutch by birth. I have always spoken Dutch, I even think in Dutch, although nowadays I have trouble speaking, because all around me I only hear English. ”

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His lawyer Rachel Imamkhan said: „Singh hopes that Minister Dekker sees him as a person of flesh and blood. He has felt abandoned for years and says: ‘Right now, the Netherlands must stand up for me’. ” The verdicts to hold on the 17th of May, 2021



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