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Som Livre releases Cristiano Araújo's first new single in honor of the singer's legacy
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In honor of the artistic legacy of Cristiano Araujo, Som Livre and the singer's family came together so that fans could hear the country singer's voice again in an unreleased single left by him. With the blessing of the Araújo family, the song “PORQUE” is the artist’s first official posthumous release and arrives this Wednesday (09), from 9pm, on all audio platforms – listen here. For the singer's official YouTube, Som Livre produced a special lyric video, all in animation format created by NOO Works, which will be available on the 10th – watch here.

The single “WHY”written by Filipe Escandurras, Ricardo Barbosa and Edu Valim, brings one of Cristiano Araújo's main characteristics in his work, that of describing the suffering of a lost love through his unforgettable voice: “…You were ready to leave / But I wasn't ready to see you go / I already know, that if I call, you'll pretend it's a prank call / I won't make an effort to make you notice…”.

With more than 1.7 billion plays on the artist's official YouTube channel and more than 2.5 million monthly listeners across music platforms today, Cristiano Araujo remains one of the most relevant artists on the country's music scene. The single “WHY” arrives to cherish the fans' longing, contribute to the artist's legacy continuing to be present and perhaps pave the way for more news left by Cristiano.


“It is very exciting to be able to release this song left by Cristiano Araújo to the fans and the world. It's been seven years of endless longing, our love for Cristiano is eternal and we also want his work to be with the public forever, who to this day fill us with affection with messages and requests for new songs left by my son . I thank Som Livre for embarking on this project with our family and helping us deliver all the love and light that Cristiano wanted to give through these songs”, declares João Reis, the artist’s father.

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“Cristiano Araújo represents one of the most important voices of the new generation of country music, he influenced and opened doors for great artists and will always be remembered as a brilliant singer and an enlightened human being, who overflowed with happiness wherever he went. Being able to revisit his work after all this time and find gems like this new track brought us great memories, which also deserve to be shared with the fans. Som Livre is honored to be part of this legacy alongside Seu João, Cristiano’s father and who represents his family, and wishes that his songs continue to play in people’s hearts”, adds Marcelo Soares, President of Som Livre.

“It was a noble and very responsible challenge for the NOO team to use the language of animation to create the lyric video for the new song “PORQUE”, by the late Cristiano Araújo”, says NOO's creative director and animation director, Marcio Sal. According to him, respect and affection for the legion of fans and people close to the singer guided this work and there was concern in ensuring that the public identified with the script. “We used cut-out animation in hand-drawn illustrations that we developed at NOO, bringing a story that was a complementary layer to the lyrics of the song,” reveals the director.


One of the main voices of the new generation of country music, as well as a composer and instrumentalist, Cristiano Araujo He left early at the age of 29, in a car accident in the interior of Goiás, in June 2015. Born in Goiânia, he started singing as a child encouraged by his family and stood out among the best-known country singers in Brazil. His first success was “Effects”, launched in 2011 in a partnership with Jorge, from the duo Jorge & Mateus. The song that talks about the longing for a love, today has 50 million plays on YouTube. In a short time, his strong voice and charisma made the singer popular throughout Brazil and went on tours in the United States and Europe. Cristiano recorded 4 albums – “Efeitos Tour 2011”; “Ao Vivo em Goiânia” (2012); “Continua” (2013) and “In The Cities – Ao Vivo em Cuiabá” (2014) – and among his biggest hits are “Caso Indefinite” (written by Maraisa, from the duo Maiara & Maraisa), “Cê que Sabe”, “É com ela que eu está” (written by Marília Mendonça) and “Mente pra mim”.

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“WHY” – Cristiano Araújo

Som Livre Launch – November 9th/2022


Composers: Filipe Escandurras, Ricardo Barbosa, Edu Valim


Today I will not open another bottle of strong drink

Don't even shed sadness on this cut.


You were ready to leave,

But I wasn't ready to see you go
I already know that if I call, you'll pretend it's a prank call,

I won't make an effort to make you notice

For a long time, I couldn't react
I will erase time, without memory


I will learn to exclude you from my life
Why do not you come back?!

Why don't you forgive me

I already said I love you (2x)


Animation technical sheet:

Production: NOO Works

Directed by: Marcio Sal

Executive production: Kathlyn Giaccomini


Art Direction: Marcio Sal

Illustration: Nathalha Maffra

Animation: Miguel Duarte and Fernando Villela

Screenplay: Gabriel Pardal and Giovanna Ferrari


Service: Ana Luisa Rodrigues

About Som Livre

Som Livre is a music company that is part of Sony Music Entertainment. With his unique ability to understand and anticipate trends, he launched and developed countless of Brazil's biggest artists and hit songs in recent decades. He also performs at various events, such as Festeja and Samba Demais.

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Featured Photo: Reproduction


Som Livre releases Cristiano Araújo's first new single in honor of the singer's legacy

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Som Livre releases Cristiano Araújo's first new single in honor of the singer's legacy

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