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For the first time with a show at Lollapalooza, Xamã infects the festival's audience

The second day of the music festival, Lollapalooza, which takes place this weekend (22, 23 and 24 March), at the Autódromo de Interlagos, in the city of São Paulo, marks the debut of the Rio rapper, Xamã, on the festival stage. The singer delivered a show with all the hits that are part of his musical career.

Tribute to Rio funk

With the right to pay homage to Rio funk, the rhythm of the state where Xamã was born, the singer's show featured well-known funks, such as 'Rap da Felicidade', 'Rap do Silva', 'Atoladinha', in addition to surprising fans with the beat of the musical rhythm on the saxophone. The rapper and his band delivered a mix of sounds that electrified the festival audience this Saturday afternoon (23).


The carioca and his band also delighted the Lolla audience, with lively funk moves transforming the stage of one of the biggest music festivals in Brazil into a true funk dance.

First show at Lolla

Despite having already participated in Lolla as a special guest at the Black Alien show in 2023, this was Xamã's first performance at the festival as a solo show. The debut took place on the Samsung stage and according to the rapper it is a unique achievement in his career.

Owner of a strong CV, as a singer, actor, poet and rapper, Xamã reports that he always wanted to sing on the Lolla stage, even before embarking on his musical career, he believed in the dream and now he is making it come true.


Even with the cloudy weather and the promise of rain, the Rio native delivered a soirée, as he called his show, contagious and unforgettable for his career. “Work with what you love and be happy”, says an emotional Xamã to the audience this Saturday (23).

Career successes

Xamã's show was a true mix of musical sounds that marked important moments in the singer's career, with songs like 'Malvadão 3', 'Um Drink no Inferno' It is 'Lion'in honor of all the Leonines present at the show and the singer Marília Mendonça, with whom she collaborated on this song.

In addition, the show also featured some acoustic poetry, the participation of big names in national rap and trap, Major RD and Leall and a salute from Xamã to freestyle and the rhyme circles, where the Rio rapper began his musical career.


Mosh pit

At the end of the show, the singer surprises the audience, goes down into the crowd and opens the punk circle with the fans. He also takes advantage of the moment to emphasize to the audience the importance of valuing street artists in their cities.

Xamã ends the show with the promise to enjoy the other shows on the second day of the festival and thanks the audience for participating in this unique moment in their career.

Article by Lavínia Rodrigues (In Magazine.iG)


Featured photo: Xamã at Lollapalooza (Reproduction/@multishow/@julianacerdeira)

For the first time with a show at Lollapalooza, Xamã infects the festival's audience

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For the first time with a show at Lollapalooza, Xamã infects the festival's audience

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