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How can technological advances help us save?
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Technological advances in auto insurance are transforming policies. They are able to facilitate the purchase of insurance, communicate with insurers and increase safety on the streets. Understand how all of this can affect the value of the prize.

Technology is present in all sectors and technological advances in car insurance have meant that the way this product is negotiated has undergone transformations.


She is present from the moment the insurance is researched through sales, customer relations, claims notification and cancellation.

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Many of these facilities were only possible due to the internet, which allowed people to be connected anywhere in the world. And the gains ended up being for all parties.

If, on the one hand, policyholders complain about high premium values, on the other, insurers claim that technology should make insurance cheaper.

See how technological advances in car insurance have contributed and what changes they have brought about.

How technological advances in auto insurance can help you save

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Acquisition of car insurance made easy

It is possible to obtain a quote in just a few moments through websites that offer this service.

The customer himself fills in his personal information and what he expects from the insurance and in a few moments he receives personalized quotes and information so that he can purchase the insurance.

He can make the purchase online and have his vehicle protected in a short time.


Technological advances in auto insurance that allow for a personalized product

Telemetry has also been used in the insurance industry and allows for a highly personalized product according to the needs of each insured and their driving profile.

It allows the vehicle to be monitored regarding acceleration, braking and others. Drivers are evaluated according to their profile and their risks are assessed, and they can also receive notifications that improve drivability.

Another advantage is the support service, such as warnings about places with a high risk of accidents, traffic information, roadside assistance services, among others.

Faster service

Consult information, report a claim or receive compensation payment are things that have become quick.


With the use of technology they can be done in moments, where there is a need for manual bureaucracy, in most cases the entire process is automated.

This requires less labor and the impact is on the final price of insurance, which tends to be reduced.

Anti-theft devices

Insurance companies already offer anti-theft devices to intensify vehicle protection. It has several functions and can include alarms, electronic immobilizer and keyless lock, steering wheel lock.

Those who choose them tend to pay less in the premium due to the lower risk.


Collision Systems

These are features that the vehicles themselves have, but which can reduce the number of accidents, which would make insurance cheaper.

One of them is the auto braking system that prevents a collision from occurring, identifying when there is a risk and slowing down or braking the car.

A study by Euro NCAP and Australasian NCAP in 2015 showed that this system managed to reduce rear-end collisions by 38%.

Parking system

Parking the car also results in minor collisions, which is why parking sensors and even systems that park the vehicle alone guarantee a reduction in the value of the insurance premium.


It is capable of correcting the direction or even parking the vehicle just by pressing a button.

Fraud detection

Fraud, especially in relation to claims, causes the insurance industry to lose money every year and the costs end up being passed on to consumers.

With technological advances in car insurance, it is possible to count on various resources such as big data that evaluate millions of variables and can detect fraud that would go unnoticed by humans.

Technological advances in auto insurance are allowing products to be designed intelligently and become increasingly personalized. At the same time as they increase security, they can offer more affordable costs.


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How can technological advances help us save?

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How can technological advances help us save?


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How can technological advances help us save?

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