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Ducato Insurance: your van deserves it!
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Do you have a Ducato and haven't taken out your car insurance yet? Check out this article for tips on how to insure Ducato and information about your vehicle, such as Ducato's advantages and disadvantages.

In 1998, Ducato began to be imported into Brazil and in 2000 it began production in the country, in Sete Lagoas, Minas Gerais. Since then, the Ducato has been considered a vehicle with an excellent cost of living, including the purchase price. Not to mention that the vehicle is offered in passenger and van versions.


Did you know that there is special car insurance for those who are financial directors?

Brazilian consumers claim that the Ducato is a highly efficient vehicle, easy to use, resistant and a good value for money. It is considered to be a good vehicle for urban work.

See the difference in car insurance prices by age group!

Check out some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Ducato and also see the importance of having car insurance.

Ducato Insurance: your van deserves it!

Image: Fiat


Why take out Ducato insurance

All vehicles are at risk of being stolen, having accidents and also having mechanical problems. It doesn't matter if your Ducato has alarms, locks or even a satellite tracker, if something happens, car insurance will certainly be needed at that moment.

With Ducato insurance you can count on emergency assistance at no cost. Just contact your insurance company and assistance will arrive to help you in a short time. Can you imagine returning home in the early hours of the morning, for example, and your Ducato having mechanical problems?

It wouldn't be pleasant to stay still, at the risk of being robbed in the middle of the night, would it? This is why car insurance is important, as you will be helped quickly and, depending on your plan, if you need it you will have an extra car to use until yours is 100% ready.

But before taking out insurance for your Ducato, do some research on different insurance companies. Choose the plan that best suits your needs and carefully read the contract and its coverage. This is very important to avoid future headaches.


What is the value of Ducato insurance?

The value of Ducato insurance varies between R$1,190.73 or more. This value is only accurate based on the driver's descriptions, such as his age, length of license, place where he lives, city, how many people will drive the car, year and version of the car, among others.

Get quotes from several car insurance companies and see which coverage proposals suit you best. Find out more about this insurance company to avoid unwanted surprises in the future. This is a choice that depends solely on you, just don't forget to take your needs into account. Also check whether the insurance company is trustworthy, using the information on the Reclame Aqui website.

Ducato advantages and disadvantages

Is your car armored? Discover a special insurance option for your vehicle and protect it 🙂

All vehicles, no matter how good they are, have their advantages and disadvantages. This is also the case with the Ducato and among its advantages, a good value for money stands out. Not to mention that as it is a cargo vehicle for students, tourists, employees, ambulances and rescue units, it has excellent internal space.


On the downside, the Ducato has noisy doors, the driver's seat is uncomfortable and its latches are of poor quality. But nothing that you can't cover with car insurance. So, take out Ducato insurance today.

If you need it, get a quote on our website,, and fill out a registration form with your personal information and we will soon be in touch with the best Ducato insurance quotes.

Ducato Insurance: your van deserves it!

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Ducato Insurance: your van deserves it!

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